Naga Bhairavi 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Bhairavi found a process to break Nakshatra Bandanam

Naga Bhairavi 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Poojari in tears asks how the dead person will return. Bhairavi and Arjun notice Poojari’s son’s photo and Bhairavi about to tell them that they saw him last night but Arjun stops her saying they reminded both of them last night. Bhairavi asks if they put garland with the suspicion that he is dead like his brother. Poojari says no, someone sends my son’s dead body to my house and I performed his last rites. Bhairavi and Arjun get shocked.

Bhairavi says she couldn’t believe that their son is dead. Sarah’s sats still she can’t believe it. Bhairavi asks Arjun if they saw a soul. Arjun says might be. Poojari says how they used to hear his voice but he is not visible, maybe his soul is around us. Shankar soul sees Everything and says true Dad, I’m here only.

Poojari asks why they came to meet him. Arjun asks Poojari about Nakshatra Bandanam. Poojari says to protect precious information from others this digbandanam is used that’s why they did Mantra Bandanam with person Nakshatra of who they need to get this info, only that Nakshatra person can break the Bandanam, before breaking the Bandanam they need to pray the person who did digbandanam than only that Bandanam will open, why you wanted to know this information? Arjun says they asked for general purpose and they leaves.

Arjun says I got clarity, to save info under Velayudam your brother may did Nakshatra Bandanam with your Nakshatra. Bhairavi asks what’s he saying. Arjun says while going airport your brother want to tell you something but he didn’t reveal anything to you because he don’t want to fell you in risk and your brother knows that you’re going to do research on snakes. Bhairavi says yes, my brother encouraged me. Arjun says you brother want you to continue his research if he fell in any problem that’s why he encouraged you to study about snakes so he might definitely did Nakshatra Bandanam with your Nakshatra.

Aditya reminsces the past that how he saved his diary with help of Shankar and Sundaram using Nakshatra Bandanam with Bhairavi Nakshatra under spear (Velayudam) to save the info from dangerous people, Aditya thinks after In few more hours Vigraha Pratistapana will be over than noone can get that info.

Bhairavi and Arjun reach to Velayudam’s place. Malli and Phanidra notice them. Arjun asks Bhairavi to do it for her brother. Bhairavi thinks she has to found about her brother before she can enter inside. Phanidra asks what these people need. Malli says Bhairavi wants to found about her brother and Arjun is helping her. Bhairavi performs Pradakshinas to Velayudam (spear) then she tries to touch Velayudam after offering prayers. Velayudam emits power.