Naga Bhairavi 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Shankar soul gets peace when Bhairavi gets the diary

Naga Bhairavi 23rd January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairavi prays wholeheartedly and about to touch the Spear but that Spear (Velayudam) moves in the air with emitting power. Bhairavi and Arjun, Phanidra, Malli gets shocked. Some diary comes out and lands in Bhairavi hand than Velayudam places normally in the original place.

Bhairavi feels happy and tells to Arjun that your suspicion become true that my brother did Nakshatra Bandanam using my Nakshatra and my responsibility is increased. Arjun says you must be happy for it and they leaves from that place. Phanidra about to go behind them but Malli stops him saying god Is supporting Bhairavi so she is not doing any mistake. Phanidra says it’s better to doubt first that’s why going behind them. Shankar soul thinks Aditya I fulfilled my duty assigned by you and his soul vanishes from earth.

Vishwambari tells to Sanvi that she saw what happened at that place and shows last night scene to Sanvi in Anjanam. Sanvi says I thought you will tell me some new info but you’re saying same thing which I know. Vishwambari asks what she saw. Sanvi says she saw the fire. Vishwambari says you didn’t notice the Brahmin who created that fire that’s difference between us and she shows that Brahmin to Sanvi. Sanvi gets shocked and reveals that she killed that Brahmin 2years back.

Vishwambari asks what’s his position while dying. Sanvi reminded how she stabbed the Shankar. Shankar dies while reminiscing his promise to Aditya for protecting the diary so he dies in closed arms mudra. Sanvi shows his position to Vishwambari. Vishwambari says you just killed his body and he saved his soul using Mantra’s power and his soul is protecting that Velayudam. Sanvi gets shocked and asks if souls have powers. This Pandit is a devotee of God that’s why he is blessed with amazing powers. Sanvi asks what they have to do. Vishwambari says she knows how to deal with those souls and takes Sanvi to that place.

Vishwambari can enter normally. Sanvi feels scared to enter than Vishwambari assures her that nothing will happen to you, his soul is mixed with God and Sanvi feels happy when she enters the place and asks can she get thing under Velayudam. Vishwambari says their is nothing under Spear because it’s already reached to the destined person that’s why Shankar soul left from this place. Sanvi asks who took that thing. Vishwambari says they are not visible to her power.

Arjun and Bhairavi reach to home. Phanidra follows them in snake form. Bhairavi opens the diary and notices it’s empty. Arjun also notices it. Bhairavi says we risked for this empty diary, I felt we may found some info in this diary but it’s empty, and don’t know why brother kept it hidden. Arjun says your brother is intelligent so he might write the matter in a scientific way to protect the info from others.