Naga Bhairavi 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Nagraj gets to know the real intentions of Nagarjun

Naga Bhairavi 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Malli informs to Nagulu that NagArjun is back to village. Nagulu asks why he back. Malli says he followed him to know it and he went to Krishnam Naidu place and their I noticed that Bhairavi Taweez got burned because of Srichakram in their pooja room.

 Nagulu says maybe NagArjun is the one who gave Taweez to Bhairavi and mostly he came to know the secrets of temple. Malli says maybe he came for other reasons too. Nagulu says he will follow NagArjun and asks Malli to follow Bhairavi to know the details of her Taweez.

NagArjun and his staff arranges tents for them near Bhairavi place and Bhairavi sees angrily at him. Bujji shows this to Annapurna. NagArjun thanks god for cancelling Bhairavi match and he plans to know his bond with Bhairavi. Zarina and Julie asks what’s Bhairavi Is doing outside. Bhairavi says that NagArjun is seeing me continuosly. Zarina and Julie says NagArjun might be in love with her. Bhairavi says he might came for me so I need to do something to make him leave and they goes inside. Annapurna says Bhairavi goes inside. Bujji says she will come out in a minute.

NagArjun sings the song he used to listen in his dream to make Bhairavi come outside. Bhairavi comes to him. Annapurna says this the song Bhairavi used to sing. Bujji says our Bhairavi teached him song too and they are using this song as code. Annapurna says so this guy came for Bhairavi. Bujji says exactly. Bhairavi scolds why he is singing song. NagArjun says it’s not crime right? I’m singing the song I used to get in my dreams. Bhairavi says don’t lie because you’re singing the song while listening to my song.

 NagArjun asks whether she had patents rights on this song. Annapurna asks why they look like fighting with eachother. Bujji says they are acting. Bhairavi says it’s the song she used to sing from her childhood. NagArjun says he used to get this dream from childhood so we have some connection. Bhairavi warns him to leave from their place and goes inside. Malli and Nagulu reaches to Bhairavi home. NagArjun thinks to found their bond. Nagulu asks Malli to follow Bhairavi and he keeps an eye on NagArjun.

Zarina and Julie asks why she looks tensed. Bhairavi says I came here to found about my brother but now I’m thinking how to send that NagArjun and tomorrow I must teach lesson to that Taweez person. Zarina says you won’t believe it than why to ask him. Malli listens Everything. Bhairavi says she won’t believe Taweez bit don’t leave any opportunity to found my brother and I can do anything for him and tomorrow I will meet that Swamiji.

Namrata questions NagArjun why they came to this village? NagArjun thinks to escape from her and tells her that he came to know about Temple secrets Because that temple had some Nidhi which I’m dreaming to get so I came here to get my Nidhi to fulfill my dream so don’t asks any questions and he sends her away.

Nagulu gets angry and came to bite NagArjun but stops after hearing NagArjun apologies to NagRaj for his his lies and tells that he came to this village after knowing Bhairavi is his dream girl and prays to forgive him and asks Nagraj to help him to get his love Bhairavi. Nagulu leaves after listening his words.