Naga Bhairavi 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Nagini kills Goldsmith for creating Duplicate Nagabandam

Naga Bhairavi 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Krishnam Naidu goes in after asking Nagarjuna stay at their place for this night. Nag says Granny I must leave. Annapurna says you did mistake by coming to this village at wrong time and we won’t allow you to repeat your mistake so go and take rest until than we prepare food and she asks Bujji to show the room. Bhairavi Attayya says hope he won’t be competition to my son. Her husband scolds her saying he can’t be competition.

In room Nag thinks he felt he knows Bhairavi when he saw her at Airport and because of laptop exchange he came here and now I’m staying at her home, I’m not understanding anything and than he thinks to inform to his Mom that he reached safely but his phone won’t work.

Bhairavi sees noone is observing her and goes to Nag room and locks the door. Bujji and Annapurna follows her tries to listen their convo while standing near door. Kaushalya sees them. Bhairavi scolds Nag saying he is doing everything intentionally and because of you my family scolded me and I understood that you exchanged laptops to meet me.

Annapurna says she is unable to hear anything. Bujji says lovers won’t talk when they are at home and they use sign language, you won’t understand these things. Nag says you’re thinking negative about me. Bhairavi says I’m not fool to believe your drama, so leave from here in the early morning. Nag says you’re beautiful and smile makes you looks more beautiful so stay cool. Bhairavi leaves saying end this drama. Bujji and Annapurna leaves.

Goldsmith busily prepares duplicate Bracelet for Bhairavi. Nagini(malli) senses someone is doing wrong and changes to her Snake avatar. While drinking Goldsmith thinks Bhairavi believed his lies that making bracelet takes 3days and smiles thinking he earned 20k in 5hours. Nagini (Malli) enters Goldsmith house.

 Prakash (Bhairavi Mavayya) notice this and gets tensed. Malli goes to him and questions why he is making Nagabandham Bracelet duplicate. Goldsmith asks who’s she. Outside Prakash thinks why Brahmaji is talking to snake. Malli questions for who he’s making it and questions don’t you know that it’s not normal bracelet. Goldsmith says I know it but they offered huge amount so I agreed. Malli says it’s wrong to do wrong things after knowing it.

 Prakash sees inside and sees Snake is talking to Brahmaji. Goldsmith tries to misbehave with her. Malli changes to Nagin and he gets shocked seeing her and runs out. Nagini follows him and bites him. Prakash sees everything and takes bracelet from Brahmaji hand and goes to Tantrik and informs him that how talking snake is killed Goldsmith for making duplicate bracelet of Bhairavi.

Tantrick keeps that bracelet in Pooja and sees the temple inside structure and got to know that it’s Naga bandam and says that snake is devotee if God and it can change appearance too along with talking ability and than he asks Prakash to search for original bracelet saying it can make them reach to the secrets of temple. Prakash agrees. Nagulu takes Nagin near Sarovaram. Malli asks why he bought her hear when they are assigned to protect temple. Nagulu says it’s important to love my would be.