Naga Bhairavi 24th November 2020 Written Update: Bhairavi confronts Tantrick

Naga Bhairavi 24th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nagulu leaves NagArjun after realising his love for Bhairavi and he goes to meet Malli. Malli asks whether he knows the reason of NagArjun revisit. Nagulu says NagArjun returns to village for his love Bhairavi and he asks about what she knows about Bhairavi.

Malli says Bhairavi don’t know that’s Garudabandam and she is planning to confront him tomorrow because she wants to found her brother. Nagulu asks Malli to know about black magician through Bhairavi and suspects that this man will be the who sends Kalakeyas to temple and I will make him for with his black magic.

Investors questions Sam how long they have to wait for project. Sam says it’s not construction work, I’m doing this secret project in Nagvaram and my men are working on it and next Amavasya we will get the results. Investors goes.

NagArjun sees Bhairavi pics in his laptop and thinks for work to meet Bhairavi. Narmada thinks to impress NagArjun but he avoids her.

Bhairavi sees her brother photo and reminsces her moments with him and she says I know that you’re alive brother and I will prove it to everyone and I know you will be alive for me so I will search for you so bless me because I’m going to outside because of this work. NagArjun sees Bhairavi going outside and thinks where is she going alone at this time. Malli follows her. NagArjun too comes out.

Tantrick says their work will be done at Amavasya. Veerabhadram says their work didn’t get successful because of Kalakeyas and Bhairavi too and I felt tensed thinking our secret will be out Infront of my family because of that Taweez.

NagArjun thinks whether Tantrick hypnotized Bhairavi or what and follows her. Tantrick says their is some power at your place to face Garudabandam so I must know that power to prepare powerful Taweez. Veerabhadram asks why can’t he go to temple. Tantrick says Nagabhandam might protect it so I must know the power if it by sending someone. Bhairavi turns around than Malli hides. NagArjun too hides from Bhairavi and thinks she may get struck in danger and follows her.

Bhairavi reaches to Tantrick place. Veerabhadram gets shocked and asks why she came. Bhairavi says last time he was like Swamiji and now he is like black magician. Tantrick says he is doing this for her. Bhairavi scolds him for fooling her. Tantrick stops her and says I tied Taweez to stop wrong forces bit they overpowered the taweez and I’m doing Poojas for you otherwise you may burn in ashes like that Taweez and he shows Bhairavi childhood moments with her brother. Bhairavi gets shocked seeing them.