Naga Bhairavi 24th October 2020 Written Update: Malli warns NagArjun to stay away from Temple

Naga Bhairavi 24th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nagini asks why he bought her near Sarovaram when they are assigned to protect temple. Nagulu says loving my would be also important. Nagini says it’s morning time. Nagulu kisses her hand and says their is no day and night for Love and about to kiss her but She stops him and tries to leave but he stops her and hugs her. Nagini asks why he loves her so much. Nagulu says she is her life.

NagArjun again gets the same dream and wakes up from his dream Nd listens the same song he used to listen in the dream and he goes to search the person who’s singing that song. Near river Bhairavi wipes her hair while singing song. NagArjun follows the sound and goes near river side and searches for the person.

Nagini says someone is singing the song and goes to know it and she dashes with Nag. He asks why are you here. Malli says why you came here. Nag says he came to know the person who’s singing the song and asks whether she is the one who’s singing the song. Malli says she don’t know how to sing. Bhairavi goes from other side with water. Nag asks why she came here. Malli says for taking water and I came here with my Mava. Nag asks what’s she doing here without going with her Mava.

Malli says she came here after hearing the song. Nag thinks that voice is beautiful so that girl will be more Beautiful and than she asks where Malli dissaperared last night after showing the Krishnam Naidu house. Malli says she goes immediately thinking her Mava may wait for her and than she asks him to never go to that temple like he came to search for girl who’s singing the song. Nag says temple is for prayers so why can’t I go to temple. Malli says who enters in that temple will be dead. Nag says don’t scare me. Malli warns him to leave from that place and leaves. Nag thinks this place is filled with Crazy people and beliefs. Malli thinks who can be the person who sang this song.

Krishnam asks from where she is coming. Bhairavi says she get water from river as per Grandmother wishes. Bujji says Grandmother is waiting for her than Bhairavi gives that water to Annapurna. Annapurna says this water Abhishekam is useful for her and asks her to get ready so they can go near Anthill. Bhairavi denies but Annapurna insists her. Bhairavi says she is coming for her not because of God.

Kaushalya takes Bhairavi aside and asks about Nag details. Bhairavi says she don’t know anything. Kaushalya says why are you lying to me , isn’t that guy is your boyfriend. Bhairavi says how can you doubt me, their is nothing between us so don’t overthink and she about to leave but Kaushalya stops her and says loving someone is not mistake but hiding from parents is good so tell me if you have feelings than I will make everyone agree for your love and leaves. Bhairavi feels frustrated.

Zarina and Julie searches for Bhairavi but they gets stopped seeing Krishnam Naidu. Zarina says you make him beat someone who roamed in the night time but why you did you leave the guy who came here to give laptop to Bhairavi. Krishnam Naidu says this person don’t know about our rules so we don’t punish him. Nag comes to him and says good morning uncle. Krishnam Naidu says I thought you didn’t wake up but why you’re coming from outside. NagArjun says song.

Krishnam Naidu asks what song. Bujji says city people address toilet as song. Krishnam Naidu says we have toilet facilities at home and leaves. NagArjun tries to say but Zarina says you know it from anyone right about bathrooms. Bujji thinks Nag may went out with Bhairavi. Kaushalya gives them tea. Zarina and Julie goes inside. Bujji says I will see your matter very soon. Nag thinks why these people are seeing me like thief. Villagers runs to see Brahmaji body. Krishnam Naidu asks what happened and than they told him that Brahmaji is bitten by snake. Whole village goes near Brahmaji body.