Naga Bhairavi 25th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Bhairavi goes to lab at Hyderabad to decode the content in diary

Naga Bhairavi 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun says your brother hides this diary using Nakshatra Bandanam with your Nakshatra so it can’t be empty and I feel he wrote it in scientific way to protect the info because he is intelligent. Bhairavi asks what’s scientific way. Arjun says he may wrote it with invisible ink using chemical technology. Bhairavi asks how to read it.

Arjun says we must know the chemical than we can use Antidose of that chemical to read his diary. Phanidra overhears their convo. Arjun says he knows one chemistry professional at Hyderabad and they can get to know details if they go to his lab. Bhairavi says let’s go to his lab. Arjun says it’s not correct time, let’s go after telling your family. Bhairavi says they won’t allow me to go and this diary is important to me so get your bag until than I will come with my bag.

Zarina waits in room, she sees Bhairavi and asks if she founds anything about her brother. Bhairavi says not yet, that’s why I’m going to Hyderabad, she packs her things. Zarina asks Bhairavi to take her dad permission. Bhairavi says they won’t allow me to go so please manage them because I must know about my brother and I will return in the tomorrow morning. Bhairavi and Arjun goes with their bags in his car. Phanidra too follows them.

Next morning Zarina thinks what to answer family members if they asks me about Bhairavi that time Annapurna asks Zarina about Bhairavi. Zarina manages saying she don’t know. Annapurna searches Bhairavi in the whole house and she tells to Krishna that Bhairavi is missing. Krishna calls Zarina and asks if she knows about Bhairavi. Zarina says don’t know. Annapurna asks if Malli saw Bhairavi. Malli says don’t know. Jalaja says maybe Bhairavi went to talk with Arjun.

On the way Arjun says it might be good if we inform to your family. Bhairavi says let’s go it will create more problems than he stops near lake so they get freshen up. Bhairavi likes the view of that place and goes inside lake, her leg slip in water and she is about to fell but Arjun saves her. Bhairavi thanks him. They gets freshen up and starts their journey and reaches to lab.

Bhairavi and Arjun goes to lab and they meets professor and Arjun asks him to know what’s hidden in pages. Professor says papers are thick which is unusual so your guess is right that they may applied some chemical to hide the matter in diary. Arjun asks how much time it takes. Professor says it will take 2-3hours time to process and he asks them to wait outside. Arjun takes Bhairavi to hotel.

Phanidra goes behind them. Server takes Arjun to table. Bhairavi says you have perminant place in this restaurant. Arjun says he us regular customer and than they order the food. Phanidra goes inside. Server asks what he needs. Phanidra shows French fries and asks him to get that to him.