Naga Bhairavi 25th May 2021 Written Update: Peddireddy tries to reveal Maya’s truth to Aditya

Naga Bhairavi 25th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi request Maya to change her like human. Maya says it’s needed to seperate you from Arjun than only i can unite with him. Bhairavi says she can’t live without Arjun. Maya says die, their is no loss to me. Bhairavi says she can’t stop her marriage with Arjun. Maya says it’s your belief but mine is goal which can’t get changed, do you know how much pain I’m feeling when you’re snatching my person? And remember your dreams will become tears and I will fulfill my wishes until than stay silent. Maya makes Bhairavi doll silent and goes out.

Maya informs to Family members that she removed the venom from Arjun’s body and he is out of danger. Family members gets surprised and questions if they can trust her? Maya asks them to see by themselves. They rushes to Arjun’s room and feels happy with his recovery. Maya says he will gain conscious in sometime and than you can talk with him. Peddireddy gains conscious. Annapurna tells to Maya that she don’t know how to thank her for saving Arjun’s life. Aditya and Kaushalya too tells her they are grateful to her.

Peddareddy hurriedly goes to Arjun’s rooms and tries to tell family members that Mays is snake but he couldn’t talk because of Maya power. Aditya asks Peddireddy why he is feeling scared and he asks Peddireddy to write in paper if he can’t speak. Peddireddy hand also won’t support him and Maya indirectly warns him to stay silent and tells him that she will cure his condition like Arjun. Peddireddy feels scared and moves away from her. Annapurna stops Maya and they makes Peddireddy sit in sofa. LAnnapurna questions Maya who’s she. Arjun asks why she saved Arjun life. Maya says I will answer you later but first you have to fulfill your promise to me. They asks her to tell them what she needs. Maya asks them to get her married to Arjun once Arjun gains his conscious. Family members gets shocked with her demand.

Annapurna asks what’s she asking. Maya says im Asking you to marry me to your Grandson and she asks them to fulfill their promise. Kaushalya says it won’t happen. Maya asks why. Annapurna tells her how they planned Bhairavi and Arjun’s Marriage. Maya says you guys have to make me get married to Arjun. Aditya says we can do anything except this. Maya asks why they are breaking their promise. Aditya asks her to take their properties and tells her that they can’t make her marry to Arjun. Maya holds his collar and tells him that she is not beggar to take his properties and throws him away. Annapurna asks why are you behaving in this way, until now I thought you’re good. Maya says I’m not good and will kill you guys if you won’t fulfill my wish.

Aditya questions if she is threatening them. Maya says no, I’m telling the truth. Aditya says I’m leaving you thinking you saved Arjun’s life and you’re lady otherwise I may kill you for mistreating me. Maya questions why he failed to save Arjun if he can kill her and why he didnt found his sister? And why you promised me when you can’t fulfill it. Annapurna says we didn’t know you will ask this type of wish, don’t separate Arjun and Bhairavi, tomorrow they are going to get married. Maya asks how she make Arjun married to Bhairavi if she couldn’t save him? Family members looks on.

Episode ends.