Naga Bhairavi 25th November 2020 Written Update: NagArjun saves Malli from eagles attack

Naga Bhairavi 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tantrick shows Bhairavi moments with her brother and gains her trust by asking how can he show the moments if he don’t have powers? I became Black magician to make keep bad energy away from you and you have to know about the secrets of temple to know about your brother details and he says he have to tie another Taweez to her and says that she have to go to temple on Amavasya day to know the secrets.

Bhairavi agrees. Malli reaches near his place and Tantrick get the signs and asks Bhairavi and Veerabhadram to leave from here saying some bad energy is entered near his place. They leaves after knowing he will send Taweez. Tantrick sends eagles to Malli place, those eagles attack Malli badly and she couldn’t escape from them.Tantrick smiles.

 Phanidra senses Malli is in danger and goes to check her. NagArjun sees Eagles are attacking Malli and he goes to save her and punches eagles because of his Nagabhandam power Eagles get dead and Tantrick feels the pain and he lost his conscious and his body turns in black colour.

NagArjun makes Malli sit near Rick and sees her wounds and goes to get the herbs and he applies those herbs juice to Malli wound. Nagulu to reaches to that place and sees Malli condition. Malli asks whether he knows how to treat patients. NagArjun says his work is to invent new medicines from plants and assures her that her wounds will get heal soon and asks why she is roaming in jungle alone.

Malli sats I noticed Bhairavi going alone so I thought to accompany her but I missed her and these eagles attacked me. NagArjun says eagles won’t attack people but why they attacked you? If they attack humans than why didn’t they attacked me? Malli thinks seems like eagles sensed I’m Nagin. NagArjun sats maybe you have some power in your eyes. Malli sats she didn’t gave any power than Nagulu comes to Malli and asks what happened.

NagArjun says eagles attacked her. Malli sats NagArjun saved and treated her wounds. NagArjun scolds Nagulu for sending Malli alone in jungle. Nagulu says we always roam I’m jungle but here onwards I will take care of Malli, thank you for saving her. NagArjun says you’re talking with me like snake, thank me with smile. Nagulu says he don’t know those things and takes Malli with him saying his Father in law might wait for them.

NagArjun searches for Bhairavi. Nagulu cries seeing Malli wounds. Malli hugs him saying these are small wounds. Nagulu says he can’t bear even small wound to her. Malli says she can’t see his pain. Nagulu says eagles attack might be some plan and we have to trace it because it never happened before.

Bhairavi listens her brother voice in her sleep that he is calling her. Bhairavi wakesup and moves in that voice direction near jungle. Bhairavi brother tied to some tree with chains and he calls Bhairavi name many times in his state. Bhairavi turns and sees the person who tied to tree with Chains.