Naga Bhairavi 26th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun hurriedly escapes with Bhairavi after seeing Sanvi at the hotel

Naga Bhairavi 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Phanidra observes Bhairavi and Arjun. Waiter serves the order. Phanidra looks at food items weirdly. Arjun says it will be good if you came after informing your family. Bhairavi says I can do anything for my brother and I trust you that why came with you without any fear and she thinks whether her feelings on Arjun is love or courage, you’re doing so much for me because it can be for your love on me than She asks Arjun why you never deny my requests, can I know the reason. At the time Sanvi came to same restaurant.

Bhairavi asks him to answer her question. That time Arjun notices Sanvi and gets tensed. Sanvi gets call. Arjun makes his spoon feel down and he bends down to take it, Bhairavi takes the spoon but he holds her hand. Bhairavi says I asked you to answer, not to hold my hands, leave my hand everyone is seeing. Arjun says wait, he notices Sanvi is busy in call and he leaves with Bhairavi from hotel placing the money at table. Phanidra tries to go behind them but Waiter asks him to pay the bill. Phanidra goes after giving him gold ring, that thing changes to bronze once he goes out. Waiters run out to catch him.

Arjun and Bhairavi hurriedly leaves from that place. Phanidra misses them. Seeing waiters Phanidra changes to Snake form and hides in Sanvi car. On the way Bhairavi asks why he took her out hurriedly. Arjun says I saw my job in hotel and they may question me that’s why, let’s we how Diary work is processing. Bhairavi agrees.

On the way Sanvi calls her Men and asks them to know whats under Velayudam and who took the thing from that place and what’s that person Nakshatra plus enquire about Pandit family details too, i must know the info otherwise I will kill you guys. Phanidra thinks why this girl wants to know what’s under Velayudam. Sanvi plans to meet Aditya to get the info than she sees snakes in the car and she stops the car immediately and goes out. Phanidra vanishes from that car. Locals checks her car and tells their is no snake and leaves saying it’s her imagination. Sanvi starts her car and leaves.

Sanvi reaches to Aditya place and asks her men to wake up Aditya. They throws water at Aditya face. Sanvi questions him what he hides under Velayudam. Aditya asks her to check by herself. Sanvi says you planned it perfectly with your friend help, someone took that one from Velayudam, if my guess is correct your sister might took that thing from Velayudam, answer my questions. Aditya asks her to kill him.

Sanvi says Im not killing you because I need your family member help to reach the temple, will torture your family if I don’t get what I needed. Aditya says you’re nothing Infront of god power, you don’t get anything and our f amily is ready to die. Sanvi says I’m taking bad witches help and will see which god will stop me than she asks his men to give injection to Aditya which makes him unconscious. Bhairavi leaves saying she will see who will protect his family. One of her men steals Aditya ring. Bhairavi and Aditya reaches to lab.