Naga Bhairavi 26th November 2020 Written Update: NagRaj banishes Nagini from Nagalokam

Naga Bhairavi 26th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi gets shocked seeing her brother tied to tree with chains. Her bother ask her to take him to home, it turns to be Bhairavi dream. Julie and Zarina asks what happened to her. Bhairavi says my brother is alive and someone kept him at hidden place and I have to save my brother.

Malli takes Nagulu to where eagles attacked her. Nagulu says you said Eagles are dead but their is no single body of eagle. Malli says even their is no significance of attack. Nagulu says so it might be some black magician work and observe Bhairavi every action. Malli agrees and they goes to Nagalokam.

Nagini and Phanidra informs the attack matter to NagRaj. NagRaj scolds Phanidra and asks how will he take care of temple protection if he fails to take care of Nagini. Nagini says its her mistake. Nagraj and NagRani still scolds Panidra and says it can be attack of some bad force. Phanidra says they couldn’t found any evidence. NagRaj says you failed in your duties so you deserve punishment. NagRani asks him to forgive them.

NagRaj says their are 3mistakes, one is they didn’t stopped evil energy to enter our place and second they didn’t inform us immediately about this attack and went to that attack place and 3rd one they couldn’t get any evidence so Phanidra needs punishment until he founds about this black magic and I’m evicting him from Nagalokam.

Malli says it’s her mistake and asks them to punish her. NagRaj banishes Nagini from Nagalokam taking her powers. NagRani and Phanidra gets shocked. Malli accepts the punishment and leaves from Nagalokam after taking her Parents blessing and promises them that she will return after correcting her mistake.

Malli sits beside Anthil, Shivudu sees her and thinks NagRaj punished his own daughter and than he goes to Malli and asks who’s she. Malli says I know you and you know me too than why you’re asking. Shivudu says I know you because I’m devotee of lord Shiva and says he didn’t remember her and seems like you parents didn’t supported you and your lover might feel bad seeing your pain. Malli asks how he knows.

 Shivudu says he knows about loved ones and suggest her that she will get solution where her problems araised. Malli thinks so I must go to Bhairavi place and she goes to Bhairavi place with her luggage bag and cries Infront of their house. Annapurna asks what happened to her and why she came to their place at night. Everyone comes out of home. Malli says she couldn’t have any place so came to their place. Bhairavi comes to them and asks what happened.

 Malli hugs Bhairavi and cries. Krishnam Naidu asks what happened to her. Malli says my Bava slapped me because I denied to bring sticks from jungle. Annapurna says I know he is angry guy. Malli says he is good only. Bhairavi asks why didn’t you Inform to her parents. Malli says I informed them but they scolded me and didn’t believed when I told them that one snake is following me when I went to jungle but they scolded me saying I told this to escape from work.