Naga Bhairavi 27th January 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi and Arjun reads the decoded pages of diary

Naga Bhairavi 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun and Bhairavi reaches to lab. Professor applies antidose of Chemical to every page. Arjun asks Professor if they got any positive result. Professor says your guess is correct, we tried every way and some matter is available in diary and he gives diary to Bhairavi. Phanidra reaches to lab and overhears their word.

Bhairavi opens diary and notices sketches of temple. Arjun says these are your village temple sketches right. Bhairavi says yes. Arjun says so it might be regarding temple. Bhairavi starts reading the diary. Aditya writes Sundaram and Shankar and i are friends and we always want to know the secrets of temple from childhood that’s why i decided to study science, Shankar decides to study Veda sastram and Sundaram decides to choose engineering and we become What we wanted and using our knowledge we started knowing about temple and get to know temple had valuable Grandas of Vedam and Medical science and Snakes are protecting those Grandas in temple, Maharsi’s aim will get fulfilled when those Grandas are useful to humans that’s why we traced the different ways to enter the temple and gets to know the days to enter temple so snakes won’t bite us.

Arjun asks her to read. Bhairavi reads some bad people get to know about our research and to save this info from them we protected this diary with Nakshatra Bandanam and that Nakshatra is, next diary is empty and they asks Professor about it. Professor says I decoded those 5pages and I’m unable to decode further pages, your brother is amazing scientist really hatsoff to his intelligence. Arjun thanks him for helping them and they leaves. Phanidra too leaves.

Arjun says don’t feel bad Bhairavi, your brother maintained secret for next pages and only he can decode it so those Kidnappers won’t harm your brother until they gets the info so don’t get disappointed and feel happy because your brother is alive. Bhairavi smiles and they start their journey to Nagavaram.

Sunanda and her son and reaches to Krishnam Naidu house along with villagers and they asks Krishnam Naidu to come outside. Everyone comes outside. Krishnam Naidu asks why they came. Sunanda son says you punished me for coming outside in the night time but now your daughter ran away with Arjun. Krishnam Naidu questions what’s he saying. Sunanda son says I saw how your daughter ran away in car with Arjun. Sunanda asks Krishnam Naidu to prove that his daughter didn’t commited mistake. Krishnam Naidu says it’s not good to blame my daughter. Sunanda says my son is proof that your daughter ran away with Arjun and if he is wrong prove that Bhairavi is at home. Annapurna warns Sunanda to be careful. Sunanda asks them to answer her questions.

Malli says Bhairavi is good so stop talking Ill about her otherwise I will kill you. Sunanda says this Krishnam Naidu daughter ran away with someone, kill me. Malli raises her hand to slap her. Sunanda stops her hand and says seems like you’re Krishnam Naidu Keep. Krishnam Naidu shouts to stop her and says Malli is like his daughter. Jalaja says Sunanda is right, if we keep unknown people at home than we have to bear these accusations. Sunanda asks Krishnam Naidu about Arjun and Bhairavi. Krishnam Naidu questions Arjun team members about Arjun. They says they don’t know where is he bur Arjun sir is good and will never do any mistake.