Naga Bhairavi 27th November 2020 Written Update: NagArjun brings Sundaram to Krishnam Naidu house

Naga Bhairavi 27th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Malli says her family didn’t believed her when i told them snake is following me, they thinks I’m lying to escape from work and I’m scared thinking I may die with snake bite that’s why I came here. Krishnam Naidu asks Malli to stay in their home until her family takes her back. Annapurna says no snake can affect her because of NagaBandham at their place. They takes her inside. Malli thinks to know everything about Bhairavi to know about the black magician to clear her punishment.

NagArjun goes for morning running. Sundaram enters in village, villagers caughts him and asks him to go away from village but Sundaram says he wants to talk with Krishnam Naidu for once but villagers beat him for entering their village again. NagArjun stops them and asks why they are beating him.

 Villagers says Krishnam Naidu banished this person from village because he is the one who takes Krishnam Naidu son to temple and became the reason of his death and again he is trying to enter the village so he may cause another problem and they tries to send Sundaram away but NagArjun stops them saying let’s take him to Krishnam Naidu because he is head of this village and he will decide what to do. Sundaram thanks him. And they goes to Krishnam Naidu place.

At Krishnam Naidu place Bujji performs Pindapradanam to her Dad. Zarina asks what’s Pooja at early morning. Bhairavi goes to see what’s happening and she gets shocked seeing it and shouts to stop the Pindapradanam, Because my brother is not dead and she ruins everything. Krishnam Naidu stops her and everyone says they are following the rituals.  Bhairavi says My brother is alive somewhere and questions how can they perform Pindapradanam without cremation?

Pandit to agrees that they can’t do Pindapradanam without doing cremation. Everyone looks on. Bhairavi says you’re asking for proof to prove my brother is alive but what proof you have to state my brother is dead? How can you think he is dead without even seeing his dead body? You’re doing everything against our Sampradayam and you decided that he is dead because he dissaperared for 2 years and she begs her dad to understand her emotions.

NagArjun brings Sundaram to Krishnam Naidu place along with villagers. Sundaram tries to talk with them but Krishnam Naidu gets angry seeing Sundaram and questions why he came to village even after banishing from their place. Bhairavi thinks she may get info about her brother from Sundaram.