Naga Bhairavi 28th January 2021 Written Update: Krishnam Naidu slaps Arjun

Naga Bhairavi 28th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Krishnam Naidu slaps Arjun’s employee and questions him about Where is Arjun. Employee says their boss is good person, will never do this kind of works. Krishnam Naidu says why he took my daughter if he is good. Sunanda asks villagers to question Krishnam Naidu how he gonna punish his daughter because until now noone in village ran away like his daughter. Jalaja says your son dissaperared and I can never expected Bhairavi will do in this way. That time Arjun and Bhairavi reaches to home.

Arjun goes inside to check what’s happening asking Bhairavi to stay at car. Krishnam Naidu gets angry seeing Arjun and slaps him and holds his collar. Everyone gets shocked. Krishnam Naidu questions him where he took his daughter and where is she. Bhairavi runs inside and separates Arjun and his Dad and asks what’s he doing. Krishnam Naidu questions where she went with Arjun. Bhairavi says they went to Hyderabad. Krishnam Naidu asks why they went. Sunanda says they ran away from house and returned to home thinking it may raise Police case. Krishnam Naidu shouts shutup and than he ask Bhairavi to answer.

Bhairavi thinks it’s not good if she tells about her brother matter than she says their is problem with Julie passport and office people asked us to correct it in 24hours that’s why I went. Annapurna asks why she didn’t inform them. Bhairavi says night time you may not allow me to go that’s why I didn’t inform you. Krishna says now you know what’s the reason.

Sunanda says Bhairavi may covering her mistake. Krishna says my daughter may comeback after marriage if she ran away with Arjun and she knows that I will kill her if she did any mistake, still she came back that itself showing my daughter didn’t do any mistake. Annapurna asks Sunanda to answer. Bhairavi questions how his Dad believed others words against her.

Arjun says until now I thought villagers heart is spacious but after seeing this incident my opinion is changed, it means you also ran away with someone if you ever go outside without informing to family? Sunanda gets shocked. Villagers scolds Sunanda and leaves after apologizing to Krishnam Naidu. Sunanda about to leave than Krishnam Naidu tells her that he will punish her if she ever accuse anyone. Sunanda leaves. Arjun tells to Krishna that your brought up is good and believe her or not but your daughter will never do any mistake and he leaves.

Bhairavi and Krishna goes inside. Krishna asks Bhairavi to tell actual truth why she went to Hyderabad. Bhairavi hugs him and informs him that how they went Hyderabad to decode Aditya diary, I didn’t inform you thinking you may stop us thinking it’s risky for my life. Krishna says I can never stop you because NagRaj himself declared that your brother is alive and I’m proud to have daughter like you. Both hugs eachother.

At night Annapurna asks Bhairavi to sleep without thinking anything. Bhairavi says granny I did all Poojas but why we are not getting info of our Brother? Every way is getting closed, is their any special Pooja to know about my brother? Please tell me. Annapurna says God will definitely show you the way, go and sleep. At midnight Rajamma energy forms like Sodamma and calls saying she will tell future. Bhairavi wakes up from her sleep and questions how she came in night time. Sodamma says Mom love cares for kids not time.