Naga Bhairavi 28th November 2020 Written Update: Sundaram reveals Aditya diary matter to Bhairavi

Naga Bhairavi 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with family scolds Sundaram for entering their village again. Sundaram says he wants to tell something about Aditya but Krishnam Naidu asks him to leave without listening to him.

Villagers says we stopped him but NagArjun is the one who convinced us to bring Sundaram to your place. Sundaram begs them to listen to him saying he didn’t do any mistake but Krishnam Naidu and Annapurna asks him to leave from their place. Sundaram asks him to listen his version for one time and than he is ready to die.

NagArjun asks him to give one opportunity to tell what he wants to reveal about their son but Krishnam says he don’t listen than Sundaram leaves from that place sadly and thinks youre seeing me like mad but if you know the truth than you will see me like god but one day you will know the truth and don’t know how many things happens in this time.

 NagArjun leaves saying elders must have heart to listen other person version. Villagers too leave from Krishnam Naidu place. Bhairavi thinks to meet Sundaram to know about her brother Aditya.

Bhairavi goes to NagArjun. Zarina thinks what they are talking. Bhairavi thanks NagArjun for bringing her brother friend to home. NagArjun says but no-one allowed him to talk. Bhairavi says I believe my brother is alive and that person may know something that’s why trying to talk with us.

NagArjun agrees with her. Bhairavi says you have given me a ray of hope to know about my brother, thank you so much. NagArjun says I have to thank you because first time you’re talking normally with me. Bhairavi smiles and leaves and About to leave but she stops in the middle.

NagArjun goes Infront of her and than she asks why he is pulling her dress. NagArjun asks her to see back than she notices her dress is struck in wood and smiles. Zarina thinks something is happening between these two. Bhairavi says sorry for misunderstanding him. NagArjun says it’s ok.

Sundaram waits at Village outskirts and tells to goddess that noone is listening truth to me and these people are dump and villagers will be dead before founding this truth.

At night Bhairavi goes to meet Sundaram. Malli follows her. Sundaram cries saying sorry Aditya noone listening to me than he sees Bhairavi abd asks why she came at the night time. Bhairavi says she wants to know about her brother.

Sundaram says I know that you will come to meet me that’s why I’m waiting here to meet you because villagers are not allowing me to reveal the truth, your brother is good plus he is intelligent and he gained so much information about temple and pournami thing in our village and he wrote everything in his diary and I came here to tell you about that diary than he sees bushes are moving than he asks Bhairavi to leave from that place saying someone is observing them but Bhairavi says their is noone and goes to the bushes side and searches if anyone is hiding and in this time masked men kidnaps Sundaram and hides from Bhairavi.