Naga Bhairavi 29th January 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi follows Sodamma suggestion and starts Bhikshatana to get back her brother

Naga Bhairavi 29th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi asks Sodamma(Rajamma) why she came in night time. Sodamma says Mom always thinks about her kids so their is no time limit that’s why I came here to tell one thing as Mom word to you, she makes Bhairavi sit. Bhairavi asks what she wants to tell. Sodamma says you wanted to know about your brother right. Bhairavi asks how she knows.

Sodamma says Mom knows everything. Bhairavi asks her to tell how can she found her brother. Sodamma says that’s why I came, will you do like I said. Bhairavi agrees to do and asks her to tell.

Sodamma says Subramanya is lord to snakes, day after tomorrow is his Sasty and Vigraha Pratistapana so tomorrow pray to Lord shiva and collect Biksha from 11houses than offer Prasadam from this Biksha to Subramanya Swamy after Vigraha Pratistapana than Swamy will make you get what you wanted. Bhairavi agrees to do.

Sodamma blesses her. Bhairavi says she will get Biksha. Sodamma says for our Bandam their is no need of Biksha. Sodamma says our bond is of love, do what you needed to do than I will do what can do and Sodamma gets dissaperared.

Sanvi meets Vishwambari and tells her that she couldn’t get to know who took info from Velayudam and she asks Vishwambari to find it with her power. Vishwambari says some works can’t be done with Mantra Shakti because of god’s power and one normal girl stopped me near temple so I feel she is the one who took info from Velayudam and we have to kill her and her family so they won’t halt our works. Sanvi says don’t waste your power on them, I will handle them and you use power to enter temple. Vishwambari agrees.

Sanvi calls his men and asks him to send gas to Bhairavi house with drone and she tells Vishwambari that Bhairavi and her family will die because of this gas. Sanvi assistant tries to release the gas but it won’t happen and he tells her that chamber is strucked and it’s not working.

Sanvi gets irritated and asks him to get the drone back. His men says Drone is not moving. Vishwambari says god is protecting that girl. Sanvi says it’s technical problem, don’t include god. Sanvi asks his men to get the drone with another drone help.

Next morning Bhairavi performs Pooja to lord Shiva in their house mandir. Annapurna feels happy and blessed her. Bhairavi asks Lord Shiva to bless her to finish Bhikshatana without any problems and than she goes to her brother photo and takes his blessings too than she goes out and start Bhikshatana from their house. Bhairavi says Bavati bhiksham Dehi. House ladies comes out, Annapurna asks what’s this. Bhairavi says she is doing this to get her brother Back.