Naga Bhairavi 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Vishvambari- new witch entered

Naga Bhairavi 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kaushalya says your brother gone missing while researching about that temple and please don’t repeat his mistake because we can’t bear if we lose you. Bhairavi leaves from room after seeing her Sister in law in tears.

Cow runs away seeing the young lady. Lady thinks seems like realized my real face and left from that place. Their we can see the unconscious old lady which shows how this old witch Vishwabari possessed the body of Young girl who came to help her and she takes the youngness from the girl.

Malli waits for her Bava near temple and reminsces how those masked men killed Sundaram. Nagulu comes to Malli and she hugs him. Nagulu says I know we can’t live without eachother, I’m unable to bear our separation, what happened? why you looks tensed? Malli says this time I can’t celebrate Nagula Chaviti with everyone.

 Nagulu says she is not alone until she haves him. Malli says I don’t have power that’s why I didn’t saved the life of innocent. Nagulu asks what happened than Malli explains him how masked man killed Sundaram and trying to blame snakes for their mistake. Nagulu says we have to punish those people and inform me if you found their details.

Malli agrees and about to leave. Nagulu says he don’t want to enter Nagalokam without her. Malli says it’s my punishment so please let me bear it and they can’t banish me from your heart. Nagulu hugs her.

Annapurna thinks about Sodamma words and she calls Arjun ask him to make Bhairavi agree for her Dosha pariharam Pooja so she can get good matches. NagArjun looks on and thinks about his dream and how can I make her agree for this?I came here thinking Bhairavi and I share some special bond than why will I make her agree to marry others.

 NagArjun says Bhairavi don’t listen to him. Annapurna says I know about you guys, how you always talk with eachother. NagArjun tries to tell her but Annapurna says she will listen to you so it’s your duty to make her agree to do this Pooja and she leaves inside. Malli overhears their convo.