Naga Bhairavi 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Nagulu places Subramanya idol in East face when Villagers can’t move it

Naga Bhairavi 2nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jalaja asks someone to kill the snake. Krishnam Naidu says don’t forget that snake is our family god, it won’t harm our family. Annapurna agrees with his son and tells Swamy may come to bless us before Vigraha Pratistapana. Everyone prays folding their hands. Malli signs snake to leave from that place. Veerabhadram notice it. Snake leaves from that place. Annapurna tells to Bhairavi that Swamy came to bless them seeing her dedication in Deeksha.

Next day Pandit performs Pooja to Subramanya idol. Whole village present at that place. Nagulu attends the pooja. Bhairavi notices her Dad missing and she asks where is her Dad. Annapurna says your Dad is doing Bhoomi Pooja at Velayudam for Vigraha Pratistapana. Zarina asks if Bhairavi didn’t invited Arjun. Bhairavi says he denied to come. Pandit says Pooja is completed and he asks villagers to place Subramanya idol in east facing side. Many villagers tries to move it but they can’t.

Annapurna says seems like god is testing our dedication. Villagers asks if they did any mistake. Nagulu thinks Swamy saved us from Sarpayagam, maybe he may move if I try because he is our God, he asks if he can try. Bhairavi and Annapurna realises he is Malli’s Bava. Villagers says how can he move alone when its not happened to them, you’re not Bahubali. Nagulu says I will try it once with my devotion. Villagers says even they are devotee’s too. Nagulu asks for chance. Pandit asks him to try.

Nagulu prays to Subramanya Swamy with his shlokas. Krishnam Naidu performs Homam. Nagulu takes out idol easily with lord Shiva blessings and places it in east facing. Everyone looks shocked than chants Harom Hara. Pandit asks who’s he. Nagulu says hes not that much famous to tell his background. Pandit says Srikrishnudu gets impressed with Rukmini Tulsi Dalam and today you proved us that what’s Devotion power, we are blessed to see you. Nagulu says he is not that great and leaves after praying to Swamy.

Bhairavi goes behind him and stops him asking you’re Bava of Malli right. Nagulu says yes. Bhairavi asks why he denied to marry Malli who loves him alot for misunderstanding. Nagulu thinks Malli may lied to them. Bhairavi asks why she failed to understand Malli heart. Nagulu says it’s my mistake but now I will take her with me because it’s the time and he leaves.

Homam gets completed. Pandit asks Krishnam Naidu to perform first Pooja to Subramanya Swamy idol and he asks them to bring the idol. Krishnam Naidu and other villagers brings the idol to Pratistapana place. Annapurna asks Bhairavi to prepare the first Prasadam to Swamy from her hands. Bhairavi happily goes with her Joli. Men sends his wife to Bhairavi to collect the ring, she goes to Bhairavi and offers her help and she slowly searches Joli for ring.