Naga Bhairavi 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Maya gives hints to Nagini about future danger

Naga Bhairavi 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi feels dizzy while leaving from temple. Arjun holds her and make her sit on the rock. Family members feels worried for her and asks her to open the eyes. Arjun asks Aditya to hold the Bhairavi than he gets water and sprinkle it in Bhairavi face. Bhairavi gains her conscious. Annapurna asks how’s she feeling. Bhairavi says fine and she tells to them that lets sit sometime here. Arjun asks Bhairavi how Maya caught her.

Bhairavi says Everyone rushed to hospital with you along with me but at hospital some girl called me so I went to meet her but she throwed some power at me than I lost my conscious and once I gained conscious I noticed that girl took me to somewhere than I questioned why she kidnapped me than she told me that she loves Arjun and going marry him but I told her that Arjun can’t marry anyone except her than she gets angry and changed me like a Doll and kept me at hospital, you guys saw me but couldn’t realised that I’m Bhairavi and I cried so much seeing Arjun’s state and I felt broken when Maya threatening my family but you guys didn’t heard my cries and I didn’t thought that I can change to human form and still that incident is haunting me. Arjun says Shivudu gave correct punishment to Maya plus we have Nagamma blessings too so we don’t need to fear about her than everyone leaves to home.

Maya tells to Nagamma that she did mistake by giving her blessings to Bhairavi and Arjun. Nagini says it’s you who did mistake not me. Maya says don’t expect that they can get married because i won’t let it happen. Nagini says I gave them blessings before your wish and it’s not not right for you to take revenge on me. Maya says you just gave your blessings but I have heart to Arjun and waiting to get him from 7births, Is your promise to your devotee is greater than my heart and feelings? She asks Shivudu to answer. Shivudu thinks Nagamma will give the perfect answer to this question. Nagini says heart is great but Arjun heart belongs to Bhairavi and it’s wrong to want him after knowing his feelings. Maya says she don’t like sacrifice. Humans pray us so we have to save them.

Maya says you’re telling the things I know and telling me that it’s wrong to separate them but their is one unknown thing. Nagini asks what’s it. Maya says you’re thinking that you gave blessings to them but in upcoming days you will take revenge on people whom you gave blessings. Nagini says she will never do it. Maya says you will know it once the situation arises. Nagini says you’re trying to prove you’re correct, I thought to take you to Nagalokam once you get changed but I realized that you won’t change so it’s needed for you to stay in Bandanam for Arjun and Bhairavi’s happiness. Maya tells her she will take revenge on them once she gets released from Bandanam. Nagini asks Shivayya to make bury Maya. Shivayya bury her. Peddireddy feels happy seeing it.

Nagini says Maya is powerful so she might try to escape from it and she makes Bandanam to lock Maya perminantly. Maya shouts saying she is doing mistake. Nagini leaves saying she did correct. Shivudu says Maya problem is solved than what are you thinking Nagamma. Nagamma tells him she is thinking about Who stealed the Mangalsutra and otherside I have to find the person who stoled Mani to save my Phanidra and it’s tough for anyone to enter the temple without your support but you’re not revealing his details to me but I will definitely kill that person and will make Bhairavi gets married to Arjun. Shivayya says Tomorrow is their Marriage so first let them get married. Nagini leaves saying she will definitely get them married.

Episode ends.