Naga Bhairavi 30th January 2021 Written Update: Masked men attack Bhairavi to steal Joli from her which had Aditya ring

Naga Bhairavi 30th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi starts Bhikshatana from her house. Annapurna asks what’s this? Bhairavi tells them that she doing this to know her brother details and will offer Prasadam to Subramanya Swamy from this Bhiksha. Annapurna goes inside to get Bhiksha. Kaushalya says she don’t know how to thank her. Malli says your wish will get fulfilled Ammai Garu because you’re doing this with faith. Annapurna gives her Bhiksha and bless her. Malli, Kaushalya, Zarina accompanies Bhairavi for her Bhikshatana.

Arjun haves his coffee while doing work. Bhairavi goes to his tent and asks for Bhiksham with Joli. Arjun gets shocked seeing her. Bhairavi thinks anything from your hand is good. Arjun asks what he have to give as Bhiksha. Kaushalya asks him to give anything he have. Arjun gives fruits and money as Bhiksha and tells Bhairavi that her Sankalp will be successful than he too accompanies Bhairavi.

Bhairavi takes Bhiksha from villagers too and everyone blesses Bhairavi, ring of one woman( which is Aditya ring) fell in Joli while she is giving Bhiksha, later that ladies realises it and tell this to her husband. Her husband thinks that’s stealed ring from Aditya finger and he goes out to do something.

Annapurna sees Jyothi at Rajamma pic is lightening heavily, she senses some bad going to happen and thinks whether it will affect Bhairavi. That lady husband covers his face and attacks Bhairavi to steal her Joli. Ladies beats him, he dashes Bhairavi head to wall. Arjun gets shocked seeing this and tries to caught him but he escapes from Arjun. Bhairavi fell unconscious. Arjun takes her to home Holding her in his hands.

Kaushalya brings mat, Arjun makes her sleep in the mat. Krishnam Naidu and Annapurna notices her wound in forehead and asks what happened. Kaushalya tells them how someone attacked Bhairavi to steal Joli from her. Krishnam asks who’s that person. Arjun says he is escaped when I’m worried for Bhairavi. Annapurna asks them to call Doctor. Arjun says he is already contacted doctor and he asks if they have any first aid box. Krishnam Naidu asks him to get it from his room. Arjun searches first aid box, he notices his Mom marriage pic along with First aid box and he thinks why his Mom pic in this house. Krishnam Naidu enters room and asks of he get the first aid box. Arjun says yes and he hides his Mom pic in pocket and goes out and bandages Bhairavi wound.