Naga Bhairavi 30th November 2020 Written Update: Sam men kills Sundaram

Naga Bhairavi 30th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with masked men kidnaps Sundaram. Bhairavi searches for him and thinks maybe he went and I will learn truth from him tomorrow. Sundaram tries to escape from them but those masked men inject poison in his body Nd makes snake bite Sundaram to looks like he is dead because if snake bite. Malli witness everything in shock and she came to them but they goes throwing Sundaram body at village outskirts. Malli sees his body turned to blue.

Bhairavi slowly enters home and locks the door and thinks noone caught her and at that time Krishnam Naidu comes to her and asks what’s she doing. Bhairavi says she came to drink water. Krishnam Naidu asks her to sleep.

Bhairavi goes to her room. Masked men informs to Sam that they killed another person who knows the temple secret giving poison injection. Sam says no-one must get to know that we are killing the people who are trying to know the secrets of temple, people must believe it’s snake work. Sam thinks about her secret project in NagVaram for foreign dealers.

Next Bhairavi thinks to meet Sundaram again and about to go outside but Krishnam Naidu questions her where is she going in the early morning. Bhairavi says she is going to temple. Krishnam says you don’t believe God than why you’re going to temple? Bhairavi thinks her lie is caught.

At that time villager came to Krishnam Naidu place and informs them that Sundaram is dead because of Snacks bite. Bhairavi gets shocked and runs out. NagArjun notices Bhairavi tension and follows her.

Bhairavi sits near Sundaram body cries badly reminscing their last night convo. NagArjun reaches to that place and gets shocked seeing Sundaram dead body and tries to console Bhairavi. Bhairavi says I thought to found about my brother through him, last night I talked with him but today he is dead and my hope is gone and she blames villagers for offering Poojas to snakes who kill people. NagArjun checks Sundaram body and tells it’s planned murder of someone.

 Bhairavi asks what. NagArjun says 70%  snakes are not poisonous and people die because of hypertension when snake bite them but Sundaram is not a person who scared because he came to meet you guys even though whole village is against him. Bhairavi says it’s valid point, max person take 12hours time to get died after snake bite but he died in these 6 hours. NagArjun says he might be bitten by poisonous snake.

Bhairavi says poisonous snakes will be in African countries. NagArjun checks his body and notices Injection mark and says someone might killed him giving poison and created it like he get killed by snake bite. Bhairavi lost consciousness thinking she lost chance to know about her brother.

 NagArjun supports her, she regains conscious. Krishnam Naidu sees them and takes Bhairavi to home and questions why she is involving in problems. Bhairavi says she didn’t do any mistake. Krishnam Naidu shouts on her. Annapurna asks what happened. Krishnam Naidu says Bhairavi is enquiring about the death of person who died with snake bite. Bhairavi says he is my brother friend and you send him away without listening what he wants to reveal, if he reveals the truth he may alive.