Naga Bhairavi 3rd February 2021 Written Update: Sanvi men enter Krishnam Naidu place to take their Drone

Naga Bhairavi 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanvi men wife searches for Aditya’s ring in Joli. Bhairavi separates rice and fruits. Annapurna stops the lady from searching Joli and says let’s Bhairavi herself do it. Lady agrees. Pandit places Velayudam to Subramanya Swamy idol. Other Pandits chants Mantras for Pratistapana and performs Pooja to Yantra than Pandit asks Krishnam Naidu and others to place Subramanya idol on white cloth for Samprokshana. They place according to Pandit’s suggestions.

Lady notices ring in Bhairavi plate and she asks Bhairavi to see the Subramanya idol and about to steal the ring from the plate but her husband stops her and takes her from that place saying it might cause them a problem if someone caught them while stealing the ring and they question how we got the ring and it may risk to our lives so let’s leave from this place. Lady agrees. Bhairavi says the idol is so good and notices the lady is missing.

Krishnam Naidu performs Aarti to Subramanya Swamy than Pandits and Krishnam Naidu finishes the Pratistapana of Subramanya Swamy. Bhairavi notices a gold ring in rice and she takes it out and realizes it’s her brother’s ring, she happily goes to her family members and shows them Aditya’s ring. Kaushalya takes the ring and asks where Bhairavi found that ring. Bhairavi says she found in Joli and Subramanya Swamy proved that my brother is alive with this ring. Annapurna asks how to know which family gave this Ring in Bhiksha. Bhairavi says they can find it and leaves from the temple.

Sanvi men cover his face and enter Krishnam Naidu place to get their drone. Bhairavi meets Arjun and asks why he didn’t come to the temple. Arjun says nothing, slightly mood off. Bhairavi asks if his health is fine. Arjun says he is fine. Bhairavi says I came to tell you important news but you look off and ask what’s he hiding from her. Goon dashes with bronze pot, he tries to run from that place because of the sound. Arjun tries to catch him but he escapes from Arjun’s hands.

Bhairavi asks if Arjun caught him. Arjun says he is escaped, why will the thief tries to enter the home in the day time, seems like there might be some reason behind it. Bhairavi says he is overthinking and tells him how she found her brother ring in Joli and now it’s proved that my brother is alive. Arjun says now I got it, that masked men came to your house to steal this ring, if you get it in Joli then someone might drop the ring while giving Bhiksha to you, they realized that they lost it that why they attacked you to steal your Joli for this ring and his attack is failed so he might follow you to temple too, think if you find anyone suspicious at the temple. Bhairavi tells Arjun how some unknown lady tries to help her. Arjun says maybe she is related to that person who attacked you.