Naga Bhairavi 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi gets the same dream as Arjun

Naga Bhairavi 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shivayya asks Nagini to perform Arjun and Bhairavi’s marriage by getting the Mangalsutra. Nagini leaves after telling she will definitely get Bhairavi married to Arjun. Shivayya questions Lordshiva what’s he planning to do with Arjun and Bhairavi in this birth? Whether Nagamma will kill Arjun before marriage by finding he is the one who stealed the Mani or is she get them married by giving Mangalsutra to them? he prays Lordshiva to unite Arjun and Bhairavi in this birth with marriage.


Family members looks wprried. Shakuntala says I’m not understanding how Nagakanya loved Arjun and changed Bhairavi like a doll, don’t know whats happening. Sharath says nothing will happen so stay strong. Sanvi says Arjun, grandmother took Doll to Nagamma so she will definitely change Doll to our Bhairavi so don’t worry. Veerabhadram thinks to use the situation in his favour so he asks Shakuntala to postpone marriage for some days like Jalaja suggested. Bujji thinks whether Sanvi or Veerabhadram did something to Bhairavi? That time they hears car sound and everyone rushes to out.

Everyone feels happy seeing Bhairavi except Veerabhadram. Bujji happily hugs her. Sarath asks them to come inside telling Shakuntala is getting worried for Bhairavi. Veerabhadram acts good Infront of family members. Sanvi welcomes Arjun and Bhairavi with Aarti and thinks to steal the treasure from temple with help of Bhairavi once she gets married to Arjun. Bhairavi goes to Shakuntala and hugs her emotionally. Shakuntala says don’t know why these bad incidents are happening to us and she gets emotional seeing Bhairavi. Arjun asks his Mom to give strength to Bhairavi because she is already scared. Annapurna consoles Shakuntala and asks Kaushalya to take Bhairavi inside.

Bhairavi gets dream of her past life how she is running away with Arjun to save him from snake and how they fell down from hill top, she wakesup with shock and thinks about that dream and goes out. Arjun notices Bhairavi and asks why she looks tensed. Bhairavi shares her dream with him. Arjun tells her it’s the same dream he used to get many times. Bhairavi asks Is it true. Arjun says yes and I met dream analyser to know about that dream than I found the girl who tried to save me from snake is you and he told me that our bond can be from past birth and I got shocked seeing you at Airport and I reached here because our laptops exchanged and than I found that we are cousins so it’s like we are linked from births. Bhairavi says true but this dream might be indication of upcoming danger.

Kaushalya goes to them and asks if they are dreaming about eachother, she told them that they need to reach to temple for their marriage after their mangala snanam. Bhairavi asks isn’t their Marriage at home. Kaushalya says Shakuntala and Granny preferred to perform your marriage at temple after seeing the previous hurdles and she asks them to take some rest. Bhairavi and Arjun agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pandit informs 7 kamalas are missing which is inauspicious. Jalaja shows those flowers to Veerabhadram and tells him how she stealed them. Punnaga helps them by giving Kamalas.