Naga Bhairavi 4th December 2020 Written Update: NagArjun joins Bhairavi family for pooja

Naga Bhairavi 4th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Veerabhadram got possessed and goes near Vishwambhari, he gets shocked after reaching that place and asks how he came to this place and asks whos this young lady. Tantrick helper says fine talk anything against her because she is Guru of our Tantrick. Veerabhadram won’t believe him than Vishwambhari shows her real face to her.

Veerabhadram gets shocked and asked her to change to old form. Vishvambari changes to young lady look and Says I know what you needed Veerabhadram, you want to stop Bhairavi Doshapariharam pooja and I will do your wirk. Veerabhadram feels happy and asks about what happened to Tantrick. Vishvambari says he couldn’t control his power so don’t asks me questions and leave from here because I’m promising to do your work.

Shividu says tomorrow is special day because of NagulaChaviti and Kamadenuvu will come here for Abhishekam purpose and I’m waiting to see it. Lord shiva performs tandavam with Parvati in Kailasham. Parvati looks on and asks how Kamadenuvu will reach to earth for performing Abhishekam to snakes? Lord Shiva says Kamadenuvu is thankful to Adishesh from Sagaramadanam that’s why she go to perform Abhishekam on NagulaChaviti.

Nagaraju asks why Nagadevi is crying. Nagadevi says tomorrow is NagulaChaviti and everyone prays to us and my daughter is away from us because you banished her from Nagalokam and snatched her powers too, don’t know in which problem she might be in and we are away from our daughter during the festival day that’s why I’m feeling sad while thinking my state.

NagRaj says I’m king apart from your husband and Nagini’s father so it’s needed for me to take this decision and its must to punish who did mistakes and we are here to protect the secrets of temple and I can’t do mistake by leaving culprits.

Next day Annapurna calls Bhairavi to come quickly. Bhairavi gets ready and joins tgem. NagArjun waits for them and says he will join them. Krishnam Naidu asks where he will come. Annapurna says she invited him for Pooja. Everyone goes near Temple. NagArjun gets someone call. Krishnam Naidu asks his Mom to start the pooja.

 Annapurna starts the pooja. Vishvambari goes near Temple and thinks to get key of temple using Krishnam Naidu family member than she notices bracelet with Bhairavi and thibks she is the one who needed her. Annapurna asks Bhairavi to do the pooja.

Precap – Vishvambari changes Bhairavi as Kid and tries to take her with her. Kid crues and holds NagArjun shirt.