Naga Bhairavi 4th February 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi founds Drone is belongs to Sanvi company through a logo

Naga Bhairavi 4th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun asks if she notices anyone suspicious at temple. Bhairavi tells him one unknown lady came to help me. Arjun says she may come to take ring and can be related to one who attacked you, they didn’t attacked you at temple seeing the crowd, can you recognize that woman. Bhairavi says it’s tough to recognise, can we asks people who gave Bhiksha to me about this ring. Arjun says they won’t tell otherwise they may not try to steal it from you. Bhairavi says correct. Arjun says fine at least we got clue and he about to leave than Bhairavi stops him.

Bhairavi asks why he didn’t came to temple. Arjun says his mood is not good. Bhairavi asks why his mood got disturbed. Arjun says his heart is not feeling good. Bhairavi says you can tell me right, than I may stop to go to temple. Arjun says he don’t want her to stop for him. Bhairavi says you care for me more than my family, can’t I do anything to you. Arjun says nothing like that, if you show concern on me at one situation than I expect it in every situation that’s why. Bhairavi thinks you can ask me to be with you, I will do it for you. Arjun says don’t feel, I’m not perminant member here. Bhairavi goes inside saying something fell in her eye. Arjun thinks tell me to stay here than I will be with you forever.

Sanvi asks her Men if he get the drone. He says no. Sanvi slaps him saying what if someone get that drone? Annapurna says We are getting clues but not founding Aditya location, Bhairavi is trying to know about her Brother location that’s why someone is attacking her. Kaushalya too agrees. Krishna says until Bhairavi came to india we thought Aditya is dead but Bhairavi showed us proofs that he is alive, we know that Bhairavi have Pranagandam before 25years, I’m scared about her so we must protect her and we must found who tried to renter our house and what’s their purpose.

Sanvi men flies another drone to retrieve the drone struck in Krishna house. Arjun notices Drone at Krishna place with their company logo and he thinks if his sister is tying to find him? He wears cap and goes out see who’s operating it.

Bujji notices first drone strucked at tree and he takes it out and calls Granny saying he found the plane. Bhairavi goes out and notices camera fixed with drone and founds the company name in drone and goes inside with that drone. Bujji asks her to return the drone, she asks him to wait than he goes to complain to Granny.

Arjun notices operator and catches him from behind and questions who’s he and why he is flying drone in Krishna house. Bhairavi founds in net that Drone company belongs to Sanvi. Sanvi men who stealed Aditya ring beats Arjun head and he escapes with Drone operator once Arjun fell unconscious.