Naga Bhairavi 5th December 2020 Written Update: Kamadenuvu saves Bhairavi

Naga Bhairavi 5th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Vishvambari comes near Anthill place to take Bhairavi with her. Annapurna asks Bhairavi to perform the pooja. Bhairavi do’s the pooja than Vishvambari makes her hear the child crying sound. Bhairavi feels disturbed and searches who’s crying but she couldn’t found any and sits near tree. Vishvambari hypnotizes Bhairavi and changes Bhairavi apperance like small kid. Kid cries badly.

Annapurna says seems like kid is crying for Milk. Vishvambari says her kid won’t feel good near New people and she tries to console the baby and asks them to do their pooja and Vishwambhari takes Bhairavi in kid form with her. Kid holds NagArjun shirt but she takes Bhairavi with her.

Vishwambhari makes Crying Bhairavi sit in the Rangoli. Annapurna asks Bhairavi to lit the deepam but they notices Bhairavi is missing and gets worried. Sunanda says I know where she went. Krishnam Naidu asks where than Sunanda says she might again went to temple. NagArjun says stop it and don’t talk wrongly about others without knowing the truth and he goes to search Bhairavi.

Annapurna says seems like someone trying to stop her Pariharam pooja. NagArjun searches for Bhairavi. Parvati devi sees Kamadenuvu is going to Earth from swarglokam. Lord Shiva says Kamadenuvu is going to do Abhishekam to Vasudev who helped for her birth. Parvati feels happy and says it’s good to do the pooja to the origins Swamy.

Kamadenuvu devi listens crying sound of kid from cave, she goes near Bhairavi and pampers her taking outside. Vishvambari us busy in her pooja. Kamadenuvu devi gives her milk to Bhairavi and makes her normal Bhairavi and gets dissapeated. Devi says to Vishwambhari that her pooja is disturbed.

Vishwambhari sees what happened through her power and goes near Kamadenuvu devi and asks why she saved Bhairavi to fail her attempt. Kamadenuvu says your attempt is wrong and it’s against nature. Vishwambhari says i just want to fulfill my desires and good or Bad is not my problem and I don’t follow any rules.

Kamadenuvu says that’s why evil people will vanish so change yourself. Vishwambhari says she will reach her goal. Kamadenuvu says God won’t allow you. Vishwambhari says i know you have powers of God and I too had powers and you released Bhairavi so I will use you to reach my goal and Vishvambari arrests Kamadenuvu with her power but Kamadenuvu comes out from her valayam. Vishvambari gets angry and says Kaki If she breaks my Valayam it’s your defeat and she locks Kamadenuvu again with Kali power this time Kamadenuvu gets locked. Vishvambari smiles madly and drags Kamadenuvu devi with her.

Precap – Bhairavi says she will prove the truth to everyone. Lord shiva sends Nagaraju to clear his name. Snakes comes out of Anthill.