Naga Bhairavi 5th February 2021 Written Update: Arjun takes unconscious Bhairavi to temple and questions Lord Shiva

Naga Bhairavi 5th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanvi men escapes from Arjun making him unconscious. Sanvi notices Bhairavi through Drone camera. Bujji complaints to Grandmother and cries for drone. Annapurna asks Bhairavi to give that drone to Bujji. Bhairavi asks Bujji go take the drone. Annapurna notices flame of Diya is high near Rajamma photo indicating some danger and she shouts Bhairavi and runs to her. Drone gets blasted and poisonous gas released from it. Bhairavi falls unconscious. Whole house is filled with gas.

Yogi senses the problem through his 6th sense and he tells to lord Shiva that it’s not good to hurt his devotees. Family members can’t move because of Poisonous gas. Malli notices everything and prays god. Srichakram emits power Pooja room. Malli clears Poisonous gas from home using her powers. Sanvi notices Malli. Malli tries to wake up Bhairavi. Family members runs to Bhairavi and they tries to make her get consciousness but she won’t respond. Malli checks surroundings and notices the blasted pieces of drone.

Nagabhandam energy makes Arjun gets conscious with lord Shiva blessings. Arjun wakes up saying Sahachari nothing will happen to you, he runs inside sensing Bhairavi is in problem and notices family members worried seeing Unconscious Bhairavi, he tries to wake up Bhairavi but she won’t respond than he lifts her in his hands and runs out. Family members follows him.

Malli senses the smell of poisonous gas and thinks someone used this gas intentionally. Sanvi sees Malli through laptop and suddenly snake comes out from laptop which scares Sanvi and she runs from her place. Malli follows her car. Sanvi goes to Vishwambari place. Arjun brings Bhairavi to temple and questions Lordshiva if he istesting Bhairavi or punishing her for believing him.

Malli can’t enter Vishwambari place because of the Raksha Valayam. Nagulu reaches to that place and questions Malli what’s she doing at this place. Malli says someone sended poisonous gas to Bhairavi place to kill her, I reached here following that poisonous smell but some power is stopping me to enter inside. Nagulu tries to enter but even he can’t enter. He prays to Shiva still he can’t enter. Nagulu says Malli did you remember how eagles attacked you at this place. Malli remembers that incident.