Naga Bhairavi 5th July 2021 Written Update: Shivayya helps Arjun and Bhairavi

Naga Bhairavi 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nagamma makes Arjun and Bhairavi struck in fore circle. Bhairavi prays Lord Shiva and request him to save them from Nagamma trap. Shivayya questions Lordshiva why he is not hearing their pleas. Arjun and Bhairavi request Shivayya to save them. Shivayya thinks it’s his responsibility to save devotees of Lordshiva and he gets rudraksh with his power and it flies to sky. Arjun, Bhairavi, Nagini notices it. Rudraksh creates sudden rain which breaks fire circle created by Nagini around Arjun and Bhairavi.

Nagini senses Shivayya is the one who helped them. Arjun and Bhairavi feels happy and thanks Shivudu for helping them and Arjun tells to Bhairavi that it’s needed for them to meet Shivudu before they starts their journey towards Manasa Devi Mandir and they rushes to meet him. Nagini thinks Shivudu is failing my attempts while helping them and she plans to do something to stop them from reaching Manasa devi temple.

Nagini reaches to Shivayya. Shivayya asks why she came to him. Nagini questions why he is helping Bhairavi and Arjun. Shivayya says he is not great like her and helping who’s needed his help and you have to praise me for helping others and won’t you know it’s not good to question. Nagini says she knows that he is not a normal man and asks him to not help Bhairavi and Arjun to reach Manasa Devi temple. Shivayya asks if she is ordering or requesting him. Nagini asks him to take according to his wish. Shivayya says he have to help the needed ones. Nagini tells him injustice will happen to her if he helps them and she warns him to not help them by swearing in herself and tells him that she will burn Infront of him if he helps them. Shivayya questions why is she threatening him. Nagini says I know you follow your heart that’s why I told you in this way. Arjun and Bhairavi reaches to temple. Nagini goes to Anthill after seeing them.

Bhairavi about to say something. Shivayya tells them they need blessings of Nagamma to enter Manasa Devi temple and he asks them to take Nagamma blessings. Bhairavi asks Nagamma to bless them, than she tells to Shivayya that Nagamma is angry with them and she asks Shivudu to bless them. Shivayya thinks about Nagamma warning and tells him that he is not in a position to bless them and tells them them they can achieve their target if they do it together. Arjun and Bhairavi leaves from that place.

Nagamma comes to Shivudu and questions why he helped them. Shivudu says he just gave idea and didn’t helped them. Nagini goes behind them. Shivayya asks Lord Shiva to save Arjun and Bhairavi from this problem. Arjun and Bhairavi goes towards cave than big tree fell down on their way. Bhairavi saves Arjun on time. Arjun asks how this tree fell down suddenly. Bhairavi says Nagamma is creating this hurdles to stop us from reaching Manasa Devi temple. Arjun asks how to reach temple when the way is closed. Bhairavi prays to Nagamma and asks her to help her to remove the tree if she is true devotee of her, she goes to tree and easily moves it from their way. Arjun feels shocked. Bhairavi tells him she removed tree with Nagamma blessings and they starts their journey. Nagamma follows them. Bhairavi gets shocked seeing the snake behind them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bhairavi and Arjun gets shocked seeing wolves guarding the entry of cave.