Naga Bhairavi 5th May 2021 Written Update: Bujji tries to get Sanvi caught to Aditya

Naga Bhairavi 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Poojari asks Bhairavi and Arjun to offers their prayers to Pandiri rata. Arjun gives his hand to Bhairavi and both goes to Pandiri rata and performs pradakshinas. Poojari tells them they can start the marriage events and asks if they are planning to celebrate Vasantham. Aditya says they will share happiness with Vasantham function.

Bhairavi runs from Arjun but he caughts her and applies colours to her face. Bhairavi throws colour on Arjun. Aditya applies colours to his wife and everyone celebrates Vasantham happily throwing colours on each other. Aditya and Arjun applies colours to eachother and everyone dances happily. Jalaja asks Veerabhadram to to celebrate Vasanthalu with her. Veerabhadram says it’s our enemy marriage. Jalaja tells him family may doubt them if they won’t participate in Vasanthalu. Veerabhadram throws colours on her face and makes her leave from that place.

Sanvi comes outside and smiles seeing everyone. Bujji thinks to expose Sanvi face to his Dad so he goes to Sanvi and asks her to join in Vasanthalu. Sanvi applies colours to his face and makes him leave but Bujji notices water gun and pours water on Sanvi face which makes turmeric gets removed rim her face. Sanvi warns him to leave. Bujji leaves after apologizing to her than he goes to Aditya and brings him towards Sanvi.

Sanvi about to go from that place but Aditya stops her and brings colours with him. Sanvi feels tensed. Aditya comes towards her and tells her she can’t escape from him and he asks Sanvi to turn towards his side so he can apply the colour. Sanvi stands shocked than Aditya turns her and gets shocked seeing her face and he throttles her neck saying she must die, it’s turned to be Bujji dream. Aditya goes towards Sanvi and tells her today he is going to see her face but she turns smearing colours on her face. Bujji felt shocked. Aditya feels bad thinking his attempt to see her face got failed and he leaves after applying colour to his face.

Sanvi confronts Bujji asking if he planned it to show her face to his Dad? Than she drags him aside and says I get it that you found I’m the one who Kidnapped your Dad that’s why you want to expose me right. Bujji agrees. Sanvi says so Veerabhadram raised that topic to make you heard this truth than she warns Bujji to not reveal it to anyone to save their life’s from her. Bujji gets shocked. Arjun goes in that side and notices Sanvi with Bujji.

Episode ends.