Naga Bhairavi 6th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Bhairavi’s bond saves them from wolves attack

Naga Bhairavi 6th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi notices Nagamma is following them and informs it to Arjun. Nagamma gets dissapeared from that place. Arjun asks where is Nagamma. Bhairavi tells him they are getting late to enter Manasa Devi temple and they rushes towards the place where they gets shocked seeing Wolves. Arjun says these wolves may not leave them if they moved forward. Bhairavi says their is one way to get saved from wolves and she holds Arjun’s hand. Wolves tries to attack Arjun and Bhairavi but they gets dissapeared because of the power emits from Arjun and Bhairavi’s bond. Bhairavi and Arjun feels thankful to Shivayya for giving them valuable advice and they moves forward.

Nagamma thinks she won’t let them enter the temple and she creates magical ficus waves with her power and sends them to stop Arjun and Bhairavi from entering the Manasa Devi temple. Arjun and Bhairavi feels happy seeing the entrance of Manasa Devi temple. Bhairavi tells to Arjun that her brother showed same sketch to her and they about to go inside but ficus waves closed the wave. Arjun says what’s this magic. Bhairavi says it’s hurdle created by Nagamma and we have to enter temple on time to save your life from Nagamma and if something happens to you than I will die before you. Arjun asks her to don’t talk in this way. Bhairavi says love means our life’s are connected as one and she hugs him telling she can’t survive without him. Arjun tells her he wants to live for her.

Bhairavi prays to Manasa Devi to show them a way to enter temple. That time Bhairavi witnesses temple bell and tells to Arjun that she found a way to make their prayers reaches to Manasa Devi and she rushes to temple bell and she prays Manasa Devi to give them a way to enter temple and rang the temple bell continuously. Arjun asks what’s she doing. Bhairavi tells him it’s the only way left for them. Ficus waves get removed from temple entrance. Arjun notices it and informs to Bhairavi that her prayers got answered because cave entry is getting cleared. Bhairavi feels happy and both of them enters inside cave from the entrance.

Arjun and Bhairavi feels happy seeing Manasa Devi. Bhairavi prays Manasa Devi to make them reach her temple and she moves forward but Arjun can’t go forward because some energy stops him. Nagamma witnesses everything. Bhairavi asks him what happened. Arjun tells her he is not getting anything. Family members prays to Lord Shiva for Arjun and Bhairavi’s safety. Shakuntala blames herself for Arjun’s condition. Arjun consoles her with his words.

Episode ends.