Naga Bhairavi 7th April 2021 Written Update: Arjun achieves Sanjeevani mani with Lord Ganesha blessings

Naga Bhairavi 7th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun prays to Lord Ganesha and begs him to show him the way to get key to save his mother life. Ganesh gets impressed with Arjun prayers and he makes the key visible to him. Arjun happily takes that key than he enters near Nagarakasha prakaram door with help of Magical wand. Snakes can’t harm Arjun because of that magical wand. Arjun shows key near door and lock gets opened automatically. Arjun enters inside and he reminsces Shivudu words that it’s risky to enter temple.

Arjun notices surroundings. Moon light enters inside the temple through door and raya falls on Sanjeevani mani. Arjun gets surprised after seeing that Mani and he reminsces how NagSaduvu asked him to get that money to cure his Mom’s condition. Poisonous snakes surrounds Arjun and he lost his wand because of the jerk but he takes the Nagmani. One of the snake bites his foot still Arjun runs out taking Sanjeevani mani. Nagraksha prakaram door gets closed once Arjun left from door.

Snake stops Arjun and asks him to return the Mani but Arjun denies to give back that Mani and tells to Snake that he can do anything for his Mom and runs from that place. Sanvi thinks marriage may gets stopped if Aditya gets escaped from Veerabhadram but I can’t go to search Aditya leaving Mom in this situation. Nurse runs out hurriedly and calls Doctors after seeing Shakuntala condition. Doctor goes to Shakuntala room and checks her.

Nagulu notices Arjun is running from temple than he stops Arjun and questions why he stealed the Sanjeevani mani. Arjun says I didn’t stealed it, one of the Yogi asked me to get this Mani to cure my Mom. Nagulu says you’re doing wrong by entering the temple because it’s prohibited. Arjun asks who’s he to question him. Nagulu says I’m devotee of lord Shiva and I have right to stop anyone who’s wrong so return that Mani otherwise you have to face the consequences. Arjun asks Nagulu to understand his situation. Nagulu denies to listen than Arjun runs from that place throwing Nagulu aside but Nagulu follows Arjun and fights with him to get Mani.

Precap – family members gets worried seeing Shakuntala health condition is getting deteriorating. Vishwambhari stops Arjun and asks him to give mani to her for saving his life.