Naga Bhairavi 7th December 2020 Written Update: Bhairavi supports Kaushalya questions

Naga Bhairavi 7th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairavi slowly gains conscious and thinks how she reached to this place and what happened to her? Bhairavi walks towards temple side. NagArjun notices Bhairavi and asks her where she is gone without informing anyone? Bhairavi says she didn’t remember anything. NagArjun says how it’s possible, seems like it’s exactly happened like Jathara like. Bhairavi says she didn’t remember anything.

NagArjun thinks whether Tantrick planned something against Bhairavi again and than he takes Bhairavi to temple and tells her that everyone got worried with her dissaperarance. Kaushalya, Annapurna and Krishnam Naidu questions her where she went loudly. NagArjun thinks seems like Krishnam Naidu may slap her like last time and he covers saying she gone to get jilledu flowers to Shiva and I told her that everyone worried and brings her here. Everyone gets relaxed and Annapurna, Kaushalya scolds Sunanda for her wrong accusations against Bhairavi. Krishnam Naidu asks them to start the pooja.

Annapurna asks Bhairavi and Kaushalya to pour the milk in Anthill for goddess NagRaj. Kaushalya says what will I get? I offered many offered many Poojas to this Anthill believing these Nagulu will protect my family but these snakes snatched my husband from me than why I have pray these venomous snakes.

Sunanda asks Krishnam Naidu to answer his daughter in law questions. Krishnam Naidu says she needs support not answers because she is in pain. Sunanda says you don’t have answers. Jalaja says don’t create scene Sunanda. Bhairavi says what wrong Sunanda said? Annapurna and Krishnam Naidu gets angry. Bhairavi says what’s wrong in Kaushalya Vadina questions?

Brahmam and my brother friend died because of snake bite and I heard some of the villagers too died in village because of Snake bite and today Kaushalya Vadina questioned you and tomorrow many may question you sane thing and it’s foolishness to offer Poojas to venomous snakes. Annapurna says don’t says we are fools to believe god’s. Bhairavi says it’s foolishness if we don’t know the truth. Malli says you mean everyone died because of Snake bite?

Bhairavi says yes. Malli says someone might have done it using snakes. Sunanda asks how can you say it. Malli asks Kaushalya if she saw her husband death? You didn’t know the truth so don’t blame snakes. Kaushalya says noone saw God but we believe people beliefs and those people are saying my husband might be dead because of snakes. Malli says so you want god to prove that they didn’t do anything.

Bhairavi says even God have to prove it and I believe my brother is alive and my Vadina is believing her husband is dead so we need proofs from God. Shivudu says you raised correct question Bhairavi. Annapurna says don’t support my Granddaughter. Shivudu says truth must come out and he sangs Nagendraharaya song for lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva listens Everything. Parvati Devi tells to Shiva to listen Shivudu prayers who wants them to show the Shiva leela. Lord Shiva says our Nagendra will prove it and he sends Nagendra to clear his blames by showing the truth. Nagendra goes to earth from Shiva. Parvati says your leelas are magical.

The golden snake comes out from Anthill. Everyone gets shocked seeing it. Shivudu smiles seeing it. Malli folds her hands seeing their NagRaj. NagRaj places Kumkum on Kaushalya face which shocks everyone. Kaushalya feels happy for the assurance from god.