Naga Bhairavi 7th January 2021 Written Update: Lord shiva fails Vishvambari Trap against snakes

Naga Bhairavi 7th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vishwambari uses her witch power on Anthill which makes whole snakes in Nagalokam gets shaken. NagRaj and his wife and other Nagins prays Lord Shiva to save them. With lord Shiva blessings Snakes comes out Anthill and Vishwambari can’t control them, snakes combined to one and surrounds Vishwambari and she gets scared and dissaperars from that place. NagRaj and other Nagin’s thanks Lord shiva for saving them. Vishwambari challenges Shiva and plans to start Sarpayagam from tomorrow to end snakes.

Bhairavi thinks how she heard voice of her brother and how she slapped Arjun. Zarina and julie says we know that you came here to search your brother but you did mistake by slapping Arjun who supported you everytime when you’re in troubles and you did mistake my slapping him. Bhairavi says I realized it’s my mistake that’s why I’m feeling bad. Julie asks her to tell apologies to Arjun.

Arjun reminsces Bhairavi slap and he misses his Mom and sleeps thinking it’s been late to call her Mom. Arjun thinks maybe Bhairavi slapped him in some emotion. Sam gets irritated that his men didn’t call her yet and she calls his men number which is with Arjun and he attends the call in drowsiness without seeing the cell. Sam thinks who attended the call and thinks about it. Arjun goes to deep sleep leaving the cell.

Bhairavi gets dream that her brother calling her and she wakes up in worry and goes to meet Arjun. Her friends thinks to give her some space so she can handle her problems. Arjun calls her Mom in the early morning. Shakuntala asks him about his health. Arjun says he is fine and asks her to don’t take any tension. Shakuntala asks what else . Arjun says he wants to talk many things with her. Shakuntala asks who’s that girl reaches to your heart.

Bujji sees Bhairavi going to meet Arjun and he joins her. Arjun cuts the call seeing Bhairavi. Shakuntala thinks seems like he is shy. Bujji takes mobile from table to play video game which belongs to goon. Bhairavi asks if Arjun saw anyone in the last night. Arjun says no, did you felt someone presence?

Bhairavi says I felt like I heard my brother and she apologies to him. Arjun sees Namrata is leaving with luggage and asks where she going. Namrata says she is going. Arjun takes Namrata inside tent holding her hand which makes Bhairavi gets angry and she thinks Arjun couldn’t even respond to her apologies. Bhairavi takes Bujji with her and he drops the phone which shows the Sam message to her men to know the details of Arjun.