Naga Bhairavi 7th July 2021 Written Update: Manasa Devi saves Arjun from Nagamma

Naga Bhairavi 7th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun couldn’t enter temple premises. Bhairavi asks him what happened. Arjun says some force is stopping me from entering the temple. Bhairavi says it might be Nagamma who’s stopping you and she prays to Nagamma to clear the hurdle than they tries to enter but Arjun couldn’t. Bhairavi says it’s not Nagamma who’s stopping you and she notices Raksha given by Vinatha Devi and gets to know that he couldn’t enter Manasa Devi temple because of his Vinatha Devi Raksha and tells to Arjun that Vinatha Devi is enemy of Snakes that means she is enemy to Manasa Devi temple and you can’t enter the temple until you remove the Raksha. Arjun says Nagamma can’t kill me when I have the Vinatha Devi Raksha still Nagamma is following us even after knowing she can’t harm me when I have this Raksha and if I remove this Raksha than Nagamma won’t leave me.

Shivayya questions Lord Shiva why he created tough Situations to Arjun and Bhairavi and he asks Lord Shiva to show the way to them. Bhairavi prays to Manasa Devi for Arjun’s protection and removes the Vinatha devinRaksha from Arjun’s hand. Nagamma notices everything. Bhairavi sees Nagamma than she runs with Arjun to enter the temple. Nagamma follows them. Arjun gets fell down than Nagamma throws stone at him. Bhairavi tries hard amd removes that stone from Arjun’s body than she tells to Arjun that auspicious time is getting over to get Manasa Devi blessings and they are about leave but Nagamma stops them.

Bhairavi request Nagamma to leave her husband. Nagamma tries to bite Arjun. Arjun tells to Bhairavi that he found a way to escape from Nagamma and he carries Bhairavi in his hand and he asks Nagamma to bite him but she couldn’t than Arjun runs to temple carrying Bhairavi in his hands.

Nagamma follows Arjun and Bhairavi. Arjun drops Bhairavi when they reaches near Manasa Devi idol, both of them prays to Manasa Devi. Nagamma tells to Manasa Devi that she can’t stop her from fulfilling her revenge and you know the reason too. Manasa Devi says I can understand your revenge but you can’t kill anyone Infront of me. Nagamma says she can’t leave the opportunity. Manasa Devi idol voice over says devotees will lost the trust in her if she couldn’t save them and you have right to stop them from entering the temple but I won’t bear if you tries to harm them in my temple so leave from here. Nagamma leaves from that place.

Bhairavi tells to Manasa Devi that they entered the temple with her blessings and we worship Nagamma but she is treating my husband like enemy and want to snatch my Soubagyam even though she is the one who made us get married, we are facing many threats that’s why we came to seek your blessings knowing you can save your devotees from threats so please save my husband from Nagamma by understanding my pain. Manasa Devi says she can save them from threats but can’t go against Nagamma oath. Arjun and Bhairavi asks can’t she give her blessings to them. Manasa Devi says it’s important for her to follow the rules of her snake species and denies to break Nagamma oath. Bhairavi and Arjun gets shocked.

Episode ends