Naga Bhairavi 7th June 2021 Written Update: Nagini regains her consciousness with Lordshiva blessings

Naga Bhairavi 7th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jalaja joins her husband and son after stealing some water lilies without anyone notice. Aditya tells to Bhairavi that she is looking like Sri mahalakshmi. Shakuntala says don’t forget that you’re my house mahalakshmi. Pandit counted the flowers and questions why they bought 103 lilies when he asked for 108. Aditya tells him he bought 108 water lilies. Jalaja shows those flowers to her husband and Rudra, they feels happy. Pandit says these are 103 only, you can count them too. Aditya gets stunned after counting the flowers thinks where 5 flowers had gone. Poojari says 108 flowers are mandatory for Pooja otherwise problems may arise in Marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Arjun tells to Pandit he will bring the 5flowers from lake. Pandit says he can’t go. Aditya asks him to perform the pooja and tells him that he will get the flowers. Pandit says their is no use if he brings the flowers after Pooja. Aditya assures h he will get them on time and runs to get those flowers.

Jalaja asks Veerabhadram can marriage get halted if Aditya can’t get flowers on time. Veerabhadram says marriage will get halted for sure because someone is coming to kill Arjun so don’t worry. Jalaja feels happy. Karkotaka is on the way to Mandap. Pandit makes Arjun and Bhairavi perform the pooja to Nagamma. Maya says you cheated me Shivudu, they broke their promise to me and I won’t let this marriage happen. Shivudu says she can’t do anything than he senses danger because of Karkotaka than he sprinkles Maya Gangajal in the whole Mandap. Veerabhadram waits for Karkotaka arrival, he goes to Shivudu and questions what’s he doing. Shivudu tells him he is sprinkling Maya Gangajal to keep evil forces away from Mandap. Veerabhadram sadly thinks so Karkotaka can’t enter inside.

Pandit says water lilies are about to end and we need them immediately otherwise Pooja may get halted. Annapurna tells him Aditya will get flowers and asks Pandit to continue the pooja than she goes Shivudu and asks him to save him from this problem. Shivudu says Aditya will reach here on time so don’t worry and he sends Annapurna to the mandap. Pandit gives last flower to Arjun and tells them that Aditya didn’t reached yet. Bhairavi thinks she is already feeling scared about her dream and than she prays Nagamma to save them. Punnaga brings Water lilies to Mandap and gives them to Pandit. Everyone looks surprised.

Annapurna and Kaushalya asks who’s she. Punnaga questions won’t they accept flowers until they know about her. Bhairavi asks how she knows that they need Water lilies for Pooja. Punnaga says something’s can be found. Shakuntala asks how she get them on time. Bujji asks if his Dad send those flowers with her. Punnaga says I heard mantras and get to know it’s NagaDosham Pooja that’s why I bought these flowers. Annapurna says your heart is pure like these flowers. Pooja takes those flowers and blesses her. Punnaga praises Bhairavi and Arjun’s Jodi than she asks if she can join their Marriage. Bhairavi says they won’t let her leave until they gets married. Veerabhadram and Jalaja feels bad. Pandit says NagaDosham Pooja is over so we can start the Marriage. Veerabhadram waits for Karkotaka. Arjun asks Bhairavi why she looks tensed. Bhairavi tells him nothing but thinks about the Mangalsutra and prays to Nagamma. Lord Shiva changes the weather which makes Nagini to gain her conscious and thinks about Karkotaka words that he is going to kill Arjun.

Episode ends.