Naga Bhairavi 8th February 2021 Written Update: Malli encourages Arjun and sends him to Krishna for asking Bhairavi hand for marriage

Naga Bhairavi 8th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vishwambari says that Nagini is protecting the temple and Bhairavi. Sanvi asks can’t kill her. Vishwambari says I did Sarpayagam to kill snakes but that Nagini failed my attempt with her Daivik support and we have to separate Malli and Bhairavi to achieve our goal. Sanvi says no need to separate them, Bhairavi might already die. Vishwambari says it’s not easy to kill Bhairavi until there are Srichakram and Nagini in their house and it’s good that Bhairavi is alive so we can get to know what she got from Velayudam place and then we can know how to enter the temple.

Family sits around Bhairavi. Krishna thinks Yogi Shivudu words. Jalaja says Brother this is just indication of danger and I’m feeling scared for Bhairavi because Yogi Shivudu always speaks truth and to save our Bhairavi let’s her married to my son because we have less time. Everyone looks shocked.

Veerabhadram feels happy. Jalaja asks her brother to answer. Krishna Naidu says I already warned you to never talk about Bhairavi’s marriage with your son. Jalaja says it’s for Bhairavi’s future. Krishna says I know what I have to do for Bhairavi and never raise this topic again otherwise it won’t good and he leaves.

Jalaja asks her Mom to make Krishna Naidu agree. Annapurna says my son knows what’s good Sono need to tell him anything and she takes Bhairavi to her room. Krishnam Naidu calls his friend and asks him to come to their place with his whole family. His friend agrees.

Arjun remembers Yogi Shivudu words and thinks what if Krishnam Naidu searches matches for Bhairavi, I can’t bear if I loses Bhairavi. Malli goes to Arjun and asks what’s he thinking. Arjun says nothing. Malli says your eyes are saying you’re thinking about Bhairavi and I know you came here for Bhairavi and how much you love.

Arjun says nothing in that way. Malli says don’t hide your love in heart, family members are discussing about Bhairavi marriage so inform to Krishnam Naidu that you want to marry Bhairavi otherwise you may lose her forever to someone so let’s go and talk to Krishnam Naidu sir. Arjun agrees.

Arjun feels hesitated and about to go back but Malli encourages him and tells to Krishna that Arjun wants to tell him something. Krishna cuts the call and asks Arjun to sit. Malli signs Arjun to say. Krishna says you saved Bhairavi with your herbal knowledge and I’m ready to give anything to you, ask me what you wanted because I can do anything for my daughter.

Arjun says Yogi said their is Prana Gandam for Bhairavi but it’s tough to find suitable match in this short time right. Malli thinks Arjun can’t ask for Bhairavi and she goes to reveal it by herself and tells to Krishna that Arjun wants to tell something about Bhairavi marriage. Krishna asks him to say.

Arjun says how to find a groom in a short period. Bhairavi listens to their convo. Krishnam Naidu says there is no tension because my friend Chandra mouli agreed to Bhairavi’s marriage with his son and tomorrow they are coming for matchmaking and you guys have to take care of all marriage responsibilities. Bhairavi and Arjun get shocked.