Naga Bhairavi 8th January 2021 Written Update: Krishnam Naidu scolds Jalaja for calling Snake catcher

Naga Bhairavi 8th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sam still thinks about who attended her call last night than she gets call from new number which turned to be new number of Dastagiri and he informs that they caught Aditya. Sam asks why didn’t he attended her call last night. Dastagiri thinks he lost his phone and lies to Sam that his phone is at home.

Sam says get your phone immediately because it’s risky if someone get your phone than our convos and secrets may get leaked and I have to kill you to save our mission secrets if something like that happens. Arjun asks Namrata why she is leaving. Namrata says home sick. Arjun asks how she changed in one day. Namrata says until last night I thought you’re with me but I realised I’m wrong.

Arjun says sorry for last night but understand my situation if you leave than my family will know my location than I have to leave from here, I know you’re interested in me but I’m loving Bhairavi and came to this place for her and she dont know about my love, I want to marry her telling to my family and I trusted you that’s why I bring you here and you can leave if my trust is wrong. Namrata looks on.

Jalaja son brings Snake catcher to home. Jalaja asks him to catch the snake residing in their home which they can’t see. Snake catcher plays the Nagaswaram which makes Malli dizzy. Everyone comes out and Annapurna stops him. Jalaja says your son in law is scared even in sleep regarding snake that’s why I called him and she asks him to play. Snake catcher plays the Nagaswaram again which makes Malli turns to snake form. Annapurna tries to stop Jalaja but she won’t listen.

Veerabhadram gets shocked seeing Malli the snake. Krishnam Naidu reaches to home and stops the snake catcher and sends him out and scolds his sister to never repeat this kind of wirks. Malli wipes her sweat. Everyone goes inside. Arjun asks Bhairavi to tell what’s this snake and Nagaswaram. Bhairavi looks angrily at him. Arjun says I got it.

Veerabhadram tries to call family members to tell them about Malli but he couldn’t. Bhairavi notices Malli and asks why she drenched in sweat. Malli says nothing than she goes to her room. Veerabhadram signs Jalaja to send Malli from home. Jalaja satmys these people will throw out if we tell them to send Malli. Veerabhadram signs snake but she leaves asking him to sleep.

Arjun thinks about Bhairavi words. Namrata goes after giving him tea. Arjun thinks I found someone phone outside the house so it means night Someone came and he calls Bhairavi to meet him. Bhairavi asks why he called her. Arjun says want to tell you something but I’m not in mood. Namrata sees them. Bhairavi says it’s wrong to slap you that’s why I apologized to you but you didn’t reacted anything.