Naga Bhairavi 9th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun realizes Sanvi is maintaining another number without his knowledge

Naga Bhairavi 9th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairavi asks why he called her. Arjun says he is not in mood. Bhairavi says I apologized you for my mistake, call me when your mood is good and she about to leave than Arjun says I called you to talk regarding your question if someone came last night, he about to go inside than Bhairavi stops him holding his hand.

Both lost in eachother. Namrata notice their bond. Bhairavi asks if he saw someone. Arjun says I didn’t saw anyone but I got phone outside your home so someone came here. Bhairavi says yeah, give me that phone. Arjun asks her to apologize him again to get the phone. Bhairavi says sorry, give me the phone. Arjun says its Artificial, say it with feel. Bhairavi says sorry and runs taking phone from him. Namrata feels bad.

Bhairavi calls Sam from the goons phone. Sam says tell me Dastagiri, did you got your phone. Bhairavi says I’m his brother sapatagiri. Sam says don’t play games with me, tell me who are you. Bhairavi teases her in village slang. Sam says who are you and why you called me. Bhairavi says to know about Madam I called you this number. Sam says you country brute, who the hell are you. Bhairavi reminsces how she heard Sam voice at temple in dream.

Bhairavi denies to answer Sam questions than she cuts the call. Bhairavi calls her again but Sam cuts the call. Zarina says you teached her a lesson but what are you thinking. Bhairavi says this girl talked with me like what I saw on dream. Zarina says don’t tell me about your dream again otherwise I will die. Bhairavi says she will tell it to Arjun and goes to meet him.

Bhairavi tells one number is saved in this phone as Madam and she scolded me and her voice is same like the girl who came in my dream. Arjun says leave about dream, we have to about who’s this madam. Bhairavi asks him to know about that Madam giving him the phone. Arjun calls Sanvi and he says noone lifting the phone.

Bhairavi asks him to try from her number. Arjun calls Sam from Bhairavi number. Sam attends the call saying hello Sanvi is here. Arjun gets shocked and thinks it’s my sister number. Sanvi thinks it might be previous girl. Bhairavi asks why he looks tensed. Arjun says nothing, she cut the call, I will gather info so you go and get relaxed. Bhairavi goes inside thinking Arjun can trace details.

Arjun thinks Sam is maintaining other number without my knowledge and he notices how Sam messaged to gather his info. Arjun thinks Sam founds I’m here and whether Sam Sends someone to get my details, Did Sam knows about Bhairavi brother? Am not getting any clarity, how Bhairavi got Sam in her dream? Is their any link between mine and Bhairavi dreams? Did Bhairavi really saw Witch in her dream! It’s mysterious. Helper tells to Vishwambari that everything is ready for Sarpayagam. Vishwambari feels happy and says she gonna burn all snakes in Agnigundam.