Naga Bhairavi 9th July 2021 Written Update: Nagamma makes Arjun remove his Raksha

Naga Bhairavi 9th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhairavi runs from home to save Arjun from Nagamma. Aditya and Kaushalya about to follow Bhairavi but they stops seeing Annapurna’s health condition. Annapurna feels pain in heart and they takes her to inside and makes her sit in sofa and Aditya sends Kaushalya to get water and he makes Annapurna drink the water and assures to her that nothing will happen to Arjun. Annapurna worriedly prays to Nagamma for Arjun and Bhairavi.

On the way Nagamma who disguises herself like Bhairavi drives the car. Arjun asks why she looks so happy. Nagamma tells him finally she got the opportunity she is waiting for. Arjun asks what population she is talking about. Nagamma manages him saying he is talking about driving. Arjun asks why she is driving rashly. Nagamma asks if he is getting scared. Arjun tells her he won’t get scared when she is with him.

Nagamma thinks to make Arjun remove the Vinatha Devi’s Raksha from his hand. Arjun asks why she is staying silent and tries to hold her shoulder but Nagamma tells him no. Arjun asks why she is behaving differently like she is not liking me. Nagamma tells him she don’t like him to have Raksha because it reminding her the danger coming to him from Nagamma and she asksn him to remove the Raksha. Arjun says you’re the one who asked me to never remove this Raksha than why you want me to remove it. Nagamma says previously you didn’t have boon from Manasa Devi and at present nothing will happen to you when I’m with you so remove it. Arjun agrees with her and removes the Raksha from his hand.

Nagamma changes to her snake form. Arjun gets shocked seeing her. Nagamma tells him she came in Bhairavi form to kill him. Arjun jumps down from car and runs from that place. Nagamma follows him. Bhairavi too searches for Arjun in jungle area. Arjun gets hurt because of rock and lost his conscious while escaping from Nagamma. Bhairavi worriedly searches for Arjun. Nagamma reaches to Arjun’s place and changes to Malli form and thinks that their is rule that they can’t harm the people when they are unconscious and she waits for him to gain his conscious and she tries to wakeup Arjun but it won’t happen.

Later Arjun slightly gains his conscious than Nagamma bites him many times but it didn’t cause any harm to him. Nagamma realises that Bhairavi is near to Arjun’s place that’s why she couldn’t harm Arjun because of Manasa devi’s blessings. Bhairavi reaches to that place. Malli calls Bhairavi and tells her that Arjun is here and she acts like she is waking up Arjun. Arjun gains conscious. Bhairavi asks him if he is fine than she tells him how she realised that Nagamma took him with her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bhairavi hugs Arjun and tells him that she saved him because of the Manasa Devi’s blessings.