Naga Bhairavi: Arjun adamant to return the Nagamani

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Zee Telugu TV popular show Naga Bhairavi serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story

As reported earlier  Everyone feels happy seeing Arjun and Bhairavi except Veerabhadram’s family. Arjun and Bhairavi shows Nagamani to everyone. Shakuntala asks why they didn’t return it to temple. Bhairavi tells them that they planned to return it on good time i.e 4.16am. Annapurna asks them to keep the Nagamani near Srichakram while praying for their safety. Arjun and Bhairavi enters pooja room and Arjun keeps that Nagamani on Srichakram. Later Sanvi calls her men and asks them to steal the Nagamani from pooja room. Nagini cries seeing Phanidra’s deteriorating health condition and she tells to Nagaguruvu that she will kill Arjun before he places Mani on temple. Bhairavi gets nightmare that Nagamma harmed Arjun and she wakes up shouting Arjun’s name. Family members rushes to her asks what happened. Bhairavi informs them about her dream in tears. Arjun tries to console her. Shakuntala feels worried. Aditya asks Shakuntala to come with him to Nagasaduvu to know the solution to Arjun’s problem. Aditya meets Nagasaduvulu with Shakuntala and Kaushalya. Nagasaduvu tells them that Arjun will definitely die in Nagamma’s hand.

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness that Shakuntala request Nagasaduvu to tell them way to save Arjun but he denies saying noone can change the fate. Adiya and Shakuntala returns to home and informs this to everyone. Arjun wants to return the Mani to temple but Shakuntala asks him to don’t go anywhere telling he have life threat in Nagamma’s hand.

Can Arjun return Nagamani to temple? Can Sanvi steal Nagamani from pooja room?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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