Naga Bhairavi: Goddess Ankalamma came to Bhairavi place to take Vayanam with her sisters

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Zee Telugu TV popular show Naga Bhairavi serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story

As reported earlier Maya’s voice asks the kid to take her out of the pit. Kid digs that place but Malli stops him in the middle and doesn’t let Maya free from her Bandanam. Maya threatens Nagini saying she will teach her lesson once she comes out. Nagini tells her it’s impossible for her to come out from Bandanam. Maya says she will definitely come out to save her Arjun. Nagini says Arjun can’t survive from her revenge and she reveals to Maya that she will kill Arjun today itself and leaves from that place without listening to Maya pleas. Gauri pooja arrangements get started at Bhairavi’s home. Nagini reaches home and thinks to kill Arjun when she notices him alone but the dog stops her. Pandit starts the Gauri pooja and he asks them to invite married women. Kaushalya goes ti invite the woman but Nagini uses her power and makes Kaushalya warns ladies to not enter their place to take Vayanam.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Kaushalya reaches home and tells family members that she didn’t remember anything. Malli manages the situation. Ladies came to take Vayanam even after Kaushalya warning. Nagini uses her power and makes Kaushalya throw those ladies from their place then she lost her consciousness. Family members feel confused. Annapurna says it’s Nagamma’s plan to ruin pooja. Bhairavi prays to Ankalamma and asks her to help to finish the Gauri pooja. Ankalamma hears the prayers then she calls her sisters and they came to Bhairavi’s place to take Vayanam.

Can Nagini stop Goddess Ankalamma from taking Vayanam? Can Bhairavi get Gauri Devi’s blessings?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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