Naga Bhairavi: Will Maya save Arjun from Nagini

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Zee Telugu TV popular show Naga Bhairavi serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story

As reported earlier Arjun and Bhairavi reaches to temple and where they saves the talking parrot from hunter and that Parrot asks them to take her help whenever they needed by calling her 3times. Arjun and Bhairavi ask Poojari about Shivayya and gets to know that Shivayya wants to another village for Shivalayam inauguration. Bhairavi feels bad. Aditya takes his family members to Ankalamma temple to find the solution to Arjun’s problem from a woman possessed by Ankalamma on sundays but they get horrified listening orphic words that no-one can save Arjun from Nagamma anger because of his horoscope.

 Family members request her to show them a solution. Possesed woman tells them their is a solution and asks them to make Bhairavi performs the lakshapasukommula Gauri pooja than Gauri devi will remove doshas from Arjun and Bhairavi horoscope and their problem gets resolved. Family members feel happy, thry return to home and inform to Bhairavi about Gauri pooja. Bhairavi happily agrees to do the pooja. Arjun shares his fear with Bhairavi that Nagamma may stop their pooja but Bhairavi assures him saying they can do the pooja with goddess blessings.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Maya voice asks the kid to take her out from pit. Kid digs that place but Malli stops him in the middle and doesn’t let Maya to free herself by taking Kids’ help. Maya threatens Nagini saying she will teach her lesson once she comes out. Nagini tells her it’s impossible for her to come out from Bandanam. Maya says she will definitely come out to save her Arjun. Nagini says Arjun can’t survive from her revenge and she reveals to Maya that she will kill Arjun today itself and leaves from that place without listening to Maya pleas.

Who Maya save Arjun from Nagini? Can Bhairavi get Gauri Devi blessings?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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