Naira and Kartik’s hit and miss moment in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata is gearing up for interesting twist.

So far in the episode it is seen, Naira decodes Krishna’s hint and decides to hunt for Kartik by her own. She says she is pregnant yet she can face the trouble as her baby is her strength not weakness. She packs her bag and apologizes to the family. Naira steps out from the house to look for Kartik. Goenka’s pray to God. Naira prays to God too from far and asks to bless her so that when she will return, Kartik should be with her.

Ahead, Gayu goes into Naira’s room and look for her. She gets Naira’s letter and stands shocked. Here, Naira goes to Desai’s house and urges to open the door. She calls for Krishna and Desai. Later, she steps inside and sees the empty house. She tries to connect with Desai’s. Further, Naira’s baby kick her, she goes back inside the house.

Naira stands stunned seeing few men hitting Kartik. It was Naira’s dream. She screams Kartik’s name and cries hard. Naira decides to find Kartik at any cost.

Later, Goenka’s learn that Naira escaped the house to search for Naira. Suhasini asks Akhilesh and Naksh to bring back Naira. Bhabhi Maa and Devyani accuse Goenka’s for being careless towards Naira. Suhasini defends herself. Naksh says he knew where Naira is.

Here, Naira enquires about Desai’s. She asks Sudha to tell about Desai. Sudha says office is closed and she can only tell next day. Naira decides to wait. There, Naksh and Samarth too visit to Desai house. Meanwhile, Naira enquires about Desai’s from watchman. Watchman tells her to check at nearby petrol pump. Naira motivates herself to fight back the situation.

Now in the upcoming episode, Naira will reach near the car where Kartik was lying unconscious. She feels Kartik’s presence but won’t be able to see him. Keep watching the show to know what next will happen.

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