Naira and Vedika’s shocking face-off to bring twist in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!

Vedika’s evil intension will get unveiled in front of Naira. The makers of the show have recently released a shocking promo. In the promo it is seen, Naira praying and Vedika comes from behind. She asks Naira if she is asking almighty to return Kartik to her than it’s quite late. Naira replies to Vedika that she was praying for her, as soon she will get to know why Kartik calls her lioness. Check out the promo!

This twist in the show will bring a major development in the story of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Vedika will deal with Kartik before his marriage with Naira. Kartik will agree with Vedika and will do whatever she will say. Now it will be interesting to watch how Kartik and Naira will deal with this situation.

Currently, Kartik and Naira is seen enjoying their pre-wedding function. The duos is spending quality time with each other. And other side, Vedika is worrying for her future and is thinking to separate Kaira.

Possessive for Kartik, Vedika is plotting against Naira and is trying to create hurdle in Kaira’s life. Suhaini doubts Vedika’s intension and worries for Naira and Kartik. She checks Vedika’s mobile and stands shocked seeing Kartik’s pictures. She further decides to alert Naira and kartik.

In the upcoming episode will see, Suhasini will stop Vedika for making Mehendi paste for Naira. Ahead, Kartik and Naira both will make mehendi paste and will share a moment of love. Vedika will get envy seeing the duo together. Further, Naira will slip down from the stairs while coming down for performing mehendi ritual. How much excited you all are for the upcoming sequence tell in comment box.

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