Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 10th November 2020 Written Update: Durai warning Muthuraj

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 10th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Gayathri walking in her room alone. Muthuraj comes there make her surprise. He ask to her why did she standing here alone? She replies to him nothing she is not sleepy. Muthuraj says he is also feeling the same. He ask her to give company to him. Gayathri deny it by saying she is going to her room.

Muthuraj stops her and says why did she hesitate to talk with him he is gonna marry her none will question them. Gayathri replies to him nothing like that. Muthuraj ask her to be romantic with him before marriage. Gayathri feeling uncomfortable with him so she wish to move from there but Muthuraj blocks her way and force her to kiss him.

Durai comes there and ask to him what is he doing here in this time with her? Muthuraj replies to him he gonna marry her so nothing is wrong being romantic with her. Gayathri leaves from there. Durai advise to him he has no rights to force her even though he was engaged with her its not good for a healthy relationship. Mayan comes there and question him what happened Durai narratted to him whatever happened. Mayan got angry hearing it.

Maha bring coffee to Durai. He gives newspaper to her. Maha and Durai talking in simultaneously the same thing. Durai ask to Maha did her marriage is arranged marriage or Love marriage because he is gussing its as love marriage seeing Mayan.

Maha deny the both option and says to him Mayan will narrate this to him because its an big story. Maha thank him for accepting Roja as his wife after knowing the truth. Durai gets confuse hearing it before she saying the remaining truth her dad called her. Durai thinks he wanna be more close to Roja.

Gayathri sitting there silently. Saranya and Aishu asking to her the reason behind her mood out. Gayathri answer to them that Muthuraj misbehaved with her. Saranya says to her its because he wanna be romantic with her Gayathri disappoint with her seeing her supporting him. Nachiyar comes there they stops the topic.

Priya comes there and informs to them she got ready but main persons not ready yet? Maha and Roja comes there wearing same color sariee. They stare them in open mouth. Roja informs to her family Maha gifted this to her she brought it for Kasthuri. Even Mayan and Durai too wearing same color shirt. They ask to them Is it preplanned or coincident? They too gets surprised seeing it.

They reached the temple Mayan staring the statue of idol in open mouth seeing it massive structure. Priest describing the rules of rituals. Mayan thinks its looks so romantic. Mayan and Maha pairs should tie each other and their hands should place together and carry the lamp with them till they finish rounding the temple.

Durai and Roja too join with the. Durai sharing his feelings to Roja while taking a round. Meanwhile Mayan trying to be romantic with Maha she is showing hell to him. Both were taking round fighting each other funnily. Roja crying alone for Durai care on her.

Her mom advising to her don’t spoil everything for her guilty she will never get a husband like him. Durai ordering the servant to separate crackers and wood from there. He fears something will go wrong when doing Pongal. Mayil comes there and planning to finish Roja using this.