Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 11th February 2021 Written Update: Maasani’s cunning move

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 11th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayan and Kathi pretends like a IT Officers and raiding Ravi’s house. Their assisstant brings all the money and jewels on table. Mayan teases Ravi that all the money and Reserve bank is there. He starts reading the papers and informs to Ravi’s wife that her husband has another one set up it seems by saying he reveals her name as Rajeswari. Ravi bends his head down.

Mayan and Kathi are giving tough time to Ravi. Ravi trying his best to convince them but they are not giving heed of him. Mayan and Kathi are busy in checking the money and papers. Ravi pleads with them to speak in private. Mayan allows him. Ravi offers 10 lakhs to him so Mayan asks Kathi to shoot on his kneel. He is raising his offers for them but Mayan keeps deny it.

Ravi gives up and replies to him that he understood that he can’t able to bribe them. Mayan replies that he can do it but the amount is high. He asks 1crore rs to him. He takes the amount and removes his two rings from Ravi’s hand. They bids bye to them. After they left Rajendran informs to Ravi that he was fooled by someone there is no raid in his house. Ravi gets furious.

Mayan and Kathi reaches Maasani house. Security stops them and enquires what’s the matter? Mayan informs to him that they wanna meet Maasani and gives money to him. Security asks them to wait outside and conveys the news to Maasani. He doubts how comes Mayan has this much amount.

Maasani tells to his security just lies to them that he is not here. Security does it as he said. Mayan finds its suspicious and caughts his plan. He informs to Kathi that Maasani trying to stops him paying the amount. Whatever he tries he can’t able to takes even a stone from his house. Kathi says to Maasani don’t evesdrops behinds the door someone will break his nose unaware of his presence.

Kathi is walking in varanda wearing the singh get up. Gayathri comes there and asks him to get out of the house mistaking someone else. Kathi pretends like singh and talking with her in Hindi. Gayathri smiles so he says to her that he knew well she recoginzes him but pretends like don’t know to makes fun of him.

Kathi shares to her that he wanna inform one thing to her. He confesses the truth to Gayathri. She understands him. Nachiyar is trying hard to light up the stove but she couldn’t. Saranya and Maha comes there. Nachiyar enquires them what did Ravi said to them?

Saranya replies to her that he is not responding to them in good manners. He fears to go against with Maasani. Nachiyar replies he was very honest one to her husbans but after his death he stops it. They helped him a lot but he forgets all being cruel to them. She asks her to be bold reasoning her father’s blessings will back her up.