Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 11th January 2021 Written Update: Maasani trapped Saranya

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 11th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Maasani saying to all that he has a 4crore connection with Saranya. Everyone staring at him confused? Saranya question him what was that? He informs to all that Saranya debted with him 4crore rs. Saranya denies it. Maasani says that he got aged so he forgets things easily. He asks Mayan to read the list. He stands there without responding to him. Maasani asks Kathi to read it aloud. He is reading three-person names Saranya recognized those names. Mayan noticed her expression and doubt she may bring money from them. Maasani says to all that Saranya brought the money from these persons. They allowed him to collect it from her. Saranya says to him she didn’t buy this much amount from them.

Maasani says that she didn’t pay interest for 3 months now this is total figure. Nachiyar question her why did she do this? Saranya replies to her that she used to buy money for business its usual one. Maasani says it’s the usual one to her but she didn’t pay the interest so he is here to collect it. Chidambaram says she will pay it in 10 days he can leave now. Maasani says he is not a sadist to give 10days time. They can take 30 days they wanna pay the amount in that time or else he will take this house. Everyone got shocked hearing it. Mayan question him that he wanna get money as return why did he asking this house its not fair. Maasani tease Mayan that he has no right to talk about fairness.

Maasani says to them he will take this house. Saranya signed in an empty paper. Mayan thinks even after she studied this much she has no sense not to sign in empty papers. Nachiyar scold her for it. Maasani informs to them they filled in that paper they will take the house instead of the money if they fail to repay the money. Maha says to him he can’t even pluck grass from here. Maasani question her did she threatening him. She says nope she is challenging him.

Maasani leaves accepting the challenge. Mayan says to them he will deal with him. Nachiyar insults him that she may trust Maasani than Mayan. At least he is her enemy but Mayan is a cheater. Nachiayar blames Saranya for losing jewels and properties like this. Maha assures Nachiyar that she is trusting Saranya they will solve this problem.

Vadivu shares her happiness with Maasani and appreciating his smart plan. Chidambaram complains to him that Mayan is his enemy if he takes revenge on him it’s acceptable he doesn’t like Nachiyar abd her daughters are suffering like this and leaves. Maasani says to Nachiyar that her husband won’t change don’t worry he will bring that house to her. He even planned something for Muthuraj too.

Mayan is smoking outside. Kathi comes there and asks him to share it. Mayan scold him that he might be act good because he got married to his sister. He asks him to suggest some idea to him to stop Maasani. Kathi giving the worst ideas to him so Mayan asks him to behave like the son-in-law of this house. He reads the list of owners and thinks he will deal with them and solve the problem. He will return the beat to Vadivu and Chidambaram with interest.

Episode end.