Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 11th November 2020 Written Update: Mayan’s smart move

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 11th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Mayan asking to priest what’s ritual is next? He answer to him that they wanna cook Pongal for god. Mayan gets over excited and pulls Maha close to him and ask him to tie his hand with her. They will cook Pongal soon. Priest correct him and says its should be Mother in law and daughter in law whom cook Pongal together not husband. Their face went dull. Rathinavelu ask to him Is there no other way because they don’t wish to disturb Nachiyar here. Priest says to him they might do it together or else don’t do it. Nachiyar replies to him no problem she will do it with Maha.

Here they starts doing it another side Roja and her mother in law. Priest ask Vadivu to cook pongal with Gayathri. She deny it by saying her leg is paining but Vadivu force her to do it. Durai challenged him that whose pongal falling down first will win 1000rs. Mayan accept the challenge. They are too excited whom will win the race.

Meanwhile marudu waiting to blast the cracker bomb and see Roja face burning there. Aishwarya staring her excitedly. Mayan smirks seeing them because Aishwarya face went dull seeing Roja started it without problem. Here Saranya and Aishu commenting that Nachiyar doing too much. She is so concerned for Mayan. Aishu says they are too jealous to see them together.

Maha and Nachiyar pongal falls down first and then Roja and her mom. Mayan ask to Durai isn’t crackers crack here on this time? Durai replies it will after pongal only. Aishwarya brother frustrated after know Roja escaped from his plan and throw the cigaratte down. Crackers lit up with it he burnt in it. Everyone runs to there. Mayan says they will taste their own medicine. Mayan alert Roja by saying they tried to harm her he helped her on correct time. What’s her problem with them. Roja ask him to leave this and don’t inform this to Durai.

Nachiyar sitting near pool. Rathinavelu bringa Tender coconut to her and apologise to her for not understanding these many days. Saranya comes there with Aishu. She ask to her why did he apologise now when she done favour to them.
Nachiyar says to them she came here for her father not for them. When she came here her father memories rushing into her mind. She feels emotional thinking about him.

Gayathri standing alone Muthuraj comes there and disturbing her by talking romantically she tries to go but he is blocking her way. He trying to kiss her forcefully. Durai stops him and warns him again to behave properly with her. He talks back to him so he banged on his head and advise to Gayathri to be careful from him. Kasthuri brings pongal to Mayan he is eating it silently Kathi reach there after attending his friend marriage.

He start to eat the pongal which crow supposed to eat. Durai comes there and ask Mayan to speak privately. Mayan says to him he can talk here because Kathi knew everything about him. Durai warns him about Muthuraj and ask him to help Gayathri. Mayan narrate to him about his state but Durai advise to him his sister life is important then anything. Mayan and Kathi talking there Maha cross them. Kathi calls her and teasing her with Mayan.

Maha warns him that when god enter into priest body he will confess all truth infront of all on that time he gonna be caught with red handed. Mayan says to her that he gonna pretend like god possessed him and make her father trust him. Maha glares him and go. Kathi ask to him do he really gonna do it? Mayan replies to him that he won’t do it just teasing Maha. Meanwhile Rathinavelu informs to Maha last time Rajarathinam was the one chose by god. Maha staring Mayan.