Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th February 2021 Written Update: Nachiyar refuses Rathinavel’s help

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nachiyar is thinking about the incident how did Maasani threw them out of the house. Rathinavel comes there witnessing Nachiyar sitting outside and the house was sealed. Maha comes near him. Rathinavel complaints to Maha that this much happened here but she didn’t inform anything to him.

Maha replies to him that he is not well so she doesn’t wanna disturb him. Rathinavel says to her that she is suffering here a lot he can’t able to see it. He asks her to come with him. Maha hesitates and points Nachiyar. He replies to her that he is asking her to takes them to his house. Maha clears to him that Nachiyar is adamant in her decision.

Rathinavel talks with Nachiyar and invites her to his house. She refuses to go with him. Rathinavelu says that she helped him a lot, it’s Maha house so she can stays there. Maha explains to him that she don’t wanna go anywhere from this place. Rathinavel asks her to think about it. Rathinavel about to go Mayan and Kathi comes there. Mayan greets him but Rathinavelu complaints to him that he hides everything from him. Mayan replies to him that he worried about his health that’s why. Rathinavel asks him to build tent atleast for them. Mayan nods.

Saranya is feeling headache. Aishu comes there and says to Saranya she feels like drinking coffee. Gayathri brings coffee to them. Saranya refuses to drink it. Gayathri says to them don’t see her as an outsider. Nachiyar is sleeping just drink it. Saranya says to her clearly that she doesn’t wanna do anything which hurting her mom.

Gayathri shares to them that she wouldn’t have eloped from mandap if they listen to her. Even mom stopped Aishu’s marriage realizing that Muthuraj is not suitable for her. Uncle’s family did anything for their family. she does not deny it, but how could she expect to get these house daughters in a return.

Mayan and Kathi are setting a tent there. Maha questions him what’s going on? Mayan informs to her that all are suffering in rain and sunlight so it will help them to stays safe at least. Maha agrees with his point and acts along with him. Mayan asks Kathi to hide the IT task from Gayathri. Kathi thinks that he already confessed everything to her.

Episode end.