Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th January 2021 Written Update: Muthuraj stole the jewels

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 12th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Gayathri comes to hall none is there. She thinks where is Saranya and Aishu? Kathi comes there and give food parcel to her. Gayathri staring him clueless. Kathi says to her that he went to eat food but suddenly he remembered about her so he brought it for her. She lived like a queen here after the incident none will dare to ask her did she eat or not? Gayathri refuse to eat but he force her to sit and eat. Gayathri sit beside him. He serve idli and sambar to her. Gayathri about to eat Nachiyar comes there and ask her to eat a lot. She gets up from her place. Nachiyar complaints to her that everyone worried for the missing jewels and properites in Maasani hand but she is simply sitting here and eating. She already humiliated her infront of all and behaving like this here its totally unfair. She blames her as selfish and leaves from there. Gayathri leaves not having anything. Kathi staring her helplessly.

Maha sitting in garden. Rathinavelu comes there. He question about her well abouts? She didn’t talk with him properly for supporting Mayan act. Maha question him why did he supporting him blindly? He replies to her that he has some reason behind this all. Maha says to him that he don’t know about his real face then he will never support him. If he do like this with Kasthuri what will he do? Rathinavelu replies to her he will support Mayan. Maha sigh. He gives some amount to her and ask her to give it to Nachiyar. Maha says that he has good heart. Rathinavelu meet Mayan. He cries like a kid infront of him and says why did he supporting him in this matter too he can also blame him like others? He replies he is believing him that he may have reason to do this all. Mayan hugs him and cries.

Gayathri puts garland to her father picture. Nachiyar takes it away and throw it on her face. She warns her to stay away from her family matters and be like a guest to Mayan. She ask her to give the jewels back. Gayathri says to her she didn’t take it. Nachiyar said that Mayan and Kathi are thief so she is their relation now so there is many chance it taken by her. Gayathri runs from there crying.

Muthuraj reveals to Vadivu that he stoled all jewels from mandap. Because he suspected Mayan and Kathi will do something so he planned smartly and stole it to take revenge on them. Muthuraj ask her to don’t reveal it to Chidambaram orelse he will spoil their plans.

Episode end.